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Do I really need sun protection?

 Why do I need to wear an SPF?  What is all the fuss about?

SPF stands for sun protection factor or the number of sun filters in a product.  When skin is exposed to the warm and wonderful sun, it is actually being exposed to harmful UV rays.  UV rays or ultra violet rays are magnetic beams of radiation and can do all kinds of harm to your skin. One of the biggest and most unwelcome results is pre-mature aging and hyper-pigmentation. Dark patches of uneven tanned on face and body.  Of course that prolonged sun exposure can even cause skin cancer.

When I mention SPF, you may envision those thick, white and smelly sports sunblocks.  Well, think again.  SPF is in almost every skin product today varying in levels from a 15 to 100.  If you have visited your local drug store or cosmetic counter lately then you’ve noticed that there is some level of sun protection  in everything from primers to day creams to foundations or especially in the new beauty balms, or BB creams,  that are springing up left and right. Whatever shade you are it is relatively easy to find your ‘flavor’.

How do I know what level of SPF is correct for me?

Do not go any lower than SPF 15.  If you go any lower, your protection will be virtually nonexistent.  What’s the point of that?  You may as well continue putting your Jergens cherry almond scent lotion on your face and develop some impressive freckles across your T-zone.

Skin is your body’s largest organ and it’s most vital.  You want to care for it the best you can,  right ?  Then don’t forget to fit in the SPF every single day.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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