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Do’s and Don’ts of hair care

The Do’s 

Do wash your after you go to the beach or swim in a pool. The chlorine can wreak havoc on your hair. Help protect it by using a shampoo specifically formulated for pool hair. 

Do get a hair trim. If you suffer from split ends (like me), a trim helps prevent your hair from being more unmanageable and also helps keep your hair from being less frizzy. 

Do wash out products before you go to bed. Gel, hairspray, mousse, pomades build up in your hair. By the end of the day and your hair follicles want to breathe! So if you use a lot of hair product at the start of the day, make sure you wash it out before saying “hello” to your pillow.

 Do go hair product free. Just like your face needs a day or two here or there to fully be in its own state, so does your hair! If that thought freaks you out, don’t do it on a work day. Do it on a day that you can stay indoors.

 Do get a regular haircut. With budget being a concern (at least for me) it can be challenging to get a haircut every six weeks or so. If you can’t afford a regular salon, go to an Aveda Institute or your local hair school. You can get a great haircut for a low budget. Yes, they are in school, but their instructors are there so you won’t walk out with something you don’t like.

 Do use natural hair care products. Using natural, chemical-free hair products not only helps your skin, body, but also the environment. Non-natural products contain ingredients you would shudder to know about. Buy products from a natural health food store.

 Do get a scalp massage. You get body massages, but what about your head? Pamper your hair for a few minutes. Or ten. And massage your hair and head. If you have hot oil, that is even better. You hair will look amazing.

The Don’ts

Don’t wash your hair every day. You strip the hair of its natural oils. If you workout everyday and don’t want to have smelly or sweaty hair, just rinse it out with water. 

Don’t tie damp or wet hair with a ponytail holder. When you pull your hair back tightly it damages the hair and also causes the hair to grow closer to the scalp which will end up not having a chance to grow further. 

Don’t use commercial shampoos and conditioners. They have harsh chemicals that can affect different parts of your body as well as causing your hair to become damaged. Stick to natural shampoos and conditioners. 

Don’t brush your hair when it’s wet. You can damage the hair by doing because hair is fragile, especially when it is wet. Air dry or use a microfiber towel to dry it.

Don’t try to get a haircut exactly like a celebrity. You’ll be disappointed the moment you wash your hair and go to style it. It just won’t be the same! Get a haircut that works for your lifestyle, head shape and other needs.  

Don’t use too much heat. If you use a hair dryer, flat iron or curlers, these damage your hair over time. The heat results in drying and breakage. Go hair equipment free every now and then. Also, the sun can cause damage to your hair, so be mindful when you are out and about this summer!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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