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Expert tips for hiding crow’s feet

As far as wrinkles around the eyes go, I’ve been pretty luck so far (of course, now I’ve probably jinxed it). Even though things are okay right now, I think that age-defying eye makeup tricks are something I should brush up on soon. In fact, I’ve already started collecting some tips here and there; it’s good to be prepared you know. The aging process catches up with us all at one point or another and I, for one, intend to be prepared with my arsenal of cosmetics. Just because Father Time’s starting to gain on me doesn’t mean everyone has to know it.

So here’s what I’ve picked up so far – fingers crossed that these tricks will work wonders when push comes to shove.

On Yahoo Shine makeup artist, Andrea Ducharme, suggests using a primer and a hydrating eye cream prior to applying your cosmetics. This way, the skin will be as smooth and even as possible before you layer anything on top. You can then apply a hydrating liquid concealer to camouflage any darkness around the eyes.

Ducharme also recommends using a champagne or ivory colored shadow in a satin texture on the lid to give a more awake look and then define the crease with a brown, taupe or plum shade. The upper lashes should be lined with gray or navy and then smudged and the bottom should be lined on the inside with a nude liner to open up the eye. Complete the look with a couple of coats of mascara.

In a video on WebMD, makup artist, Janeen Loria, cautions older women to avoid frosted and glittery eye makeup and instead choose products with just a touch of shimmer. She also recommends defining the crease with a matte shadow and then highlighting the brow bone with a light shade.

In a Good Housekeeping article, makeup artist Mally Roncal, explains that harsh eye makeup colors can really make a person look older so switching to softer colors in varying shades of the same family will bring eyes back to life. Roncal also suggests taking a few seconds to curl lashes before applying mascara, as it will go a long way to giving eyes that extra something.

Celebrity makeup artist Taylor Babaian explains, in an article on TotalBeauty, that taking your upper eyeliner out and up at the ends (at a 45 degree angle) will give the illusion of the eyes being lifted.

These are the tricks I plan on trying at the first sign of sagging or drooping. If you’re noticing a bit of aging around the eyes give them a shot. Try one or try a handful. Mix and match until you find what works best for you. Do you have any age-busting eye makeup tips?

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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