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Five Hair Products We Can’t Do Without

1. De-frizz cream

There are countless reasons why summer is my favorite season; piña coladas, the beach, and . . . well, certainly not the humidity. Waking up in a humid climate is the first warning of a bad hair day to come. That’s when we turn to our cabinet to get our de-frizz cream. There are plenty of ways to tame frizz – special conditioners, serums, gels, sprays – but I like the cream because it doesn’t make hair crunchy and it’s easy to use before running out the door.

2. Hair mask

There’s no question that routine blow-drying, curling irons, flat-irons and chemical treatments, all take a toll on hair, leaving it dry and more damaged than you want to know. Some smart women avoid heat styling and chemical treatments altogether and if you can pull that off . . . lucky you.

But, for those of us who can’t live without our heated styling tools, or monthly hair color appointments, there are conditioning hair masks that do wonders to protect and replenish dull, lifeless hair. Most masks are incredibly easy to use just after getting out of the shower and requires only 15-20 minutes once or twice a week. Just wrap your hair in a towel or saran-wrap, or cover your hair and use a dryer to get the most benefit out of any deep conditioning treatment.

Heat opens the top cuticle layer of the hair, allowing moisturizing conditioners to penetrate more deeply. Rinsing with cool water will seal the cuticle and give super shine and body to your hair after this treatment. Aren’t you thankful we can stop our hair from hating us without sacrificing our favorite styling tools?

3. Ponytail holders (sans metal)

Any woman with long or medium long hair knows that hair ties with metal should be a thing of the past. These ties not only can leave unsightly crimping when ponytails come down, but they often break the hair as well. And the big, soft “scrunchies” usually stretch out too easily and don’t keep ponytails tight and in place. That’s why I’m so thankful for metal-less hair ties that are easy to find at any drugstore or supermarket. These bands maintain their elasticity, and I don’t have to worry about any ponytail evidence when I let my hair down. Every woman with medium to long hair should have some of these in the house, the car, her purse , for running errands, working out and always, always for traveling.

4. Clarifying shampoo

Hair products we use – sprays, mousses, creams, gels – can build up on the hair, even if you frequently shampoo. That buildup can weigh hair down and make it look dull, limp and lifeless. To remedy all that residue build up, many brands have produced ‘clarifying shampoos’ that contain stronger cleansing detergents and are recommended for anywhere between weekly to bi-monthly use. These shampoos are more drying to the hair so, always condition after using a clarifying shampoo (a deep conditioner is best.) Oh, and there are plenty of brands who have formulated clarifying shampoos for color-treated hair, so be sure to pick if you color your hair.

5. Thick boar-bristle brush

Hair brushes are usually the last product women think of when changing up their hair-care routine. But if you’re a woman who brushes her hair (or uses one for blow-drying), consider what your brush is made of. Spiky, air-vent type hair brushes and soft-bristle hair brushes do very different things for your hair. What I love about the boar-bristle brush is that it gets to the root of things, stimulates the scalp and pulls the natural oils through the hair which naturally conditions the hair giving it a healthy, glossy glow. Yes, I know, too much brushing is said to break the hair, but just be mindful. Brushing long hair with a boar-bristle brush will make it lay beautifully! And I love that boar bristles are way less likely to snarl long hair. Boar-bristle brushes come in enough shapes and sizes that you can find whatever you need – a flat paddle brush for daily use or a round brush for perfect styling . . . boar-bristle brushes are a god-send!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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