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How to get your blondest blonde

Snow-white hair is an absolute head turner and can look purely gorgeous! A woman who walks into a room with shiny snow-white hair is always noticed and couple that with a great cut and she is THE most noticed woman in the place. At least, that’s what my hubby tells me, and I think he’s right.

But, many people think they should simply be able to bleach hair and it will magically turn the perfect platinum, or snow-white shade. Of course, some lucky men and women are endowed with beautiful white hair naturally, but need I say, it’s not that simple for most of the population?

Snow-white hair requires plenty of upkeep if you’re not near that shade to begin with and that means time and money. But the end results for many may be well worth the effort it takes. Here are some great tips on who can pull off snow-white hair, who can’t, and how you can achieve and maintain this whimsical look.

Who can wear snow-white hair?

If you are fair-skinned with pink undertones and light features, white hair can make your eyes pop. Just take note, too many pale features, like eyebrows, eyelashes and color of lips, will make you look really washed out against white hair. So, you need to vamp up your look with darker eyes and brighter lips.

If your natural hair color falls into dirty blonde or light brown, you can be the “It” girl this summer with just a touch of a tan and snow-white hair. This combination will give you a “beachy” look that will absolutely catch glances! White hair is the easiest to maintain if your natural shade of hair falls into these lighter shades. The regrowth can be extremely noticeable when coloring to snow-white, so the lighter your natural hair color is the easier the upkeep.

Who should think twice about going snow-white?

Women with naturally dark hair tend to turn white or a beautiful silvery white as they gray, so if you can wait that’s the perfect way to go. If you have dark brown hair or black hair, coloring your hair white will be the most difficult to maintain. Dark roots with white hair is extremely unflattering and may require weekly or bi-weekly touch-ups. It’s not that you wouldn’t look stunning with coloring your hair white, but your hair may wind up extremely damaged after several lightening processes. You can still try to achieve this look, but if it’s not done right, your hair stands the chance of turning brassy, spotted, or uneven. Coloring dark hair to white is definitely best left to girls with naturally lighter hair.

At home vs. In salon dying

Of course, I recommend having the professionals do this kind of hair color treatment. There are too many ways to extremely damage your hair where it can at worse, break off and/or turn funky colors. That said, there are hair color products for at home use to achieve this look. If you do decide to attempt this you will first need to bleach the color out of your hair as much as possible before moving on to the next step. If your hair is already damaged from hair color and chemical treatments, you shouldn’t go there. But, if you do, you would need to thoroughly deep condition your hair prior to bleaching. Darker hair will be harder to work with and may require several bleaching treatments prior to achieving your lightest color which then will need to be colored to snow-white hair.

A purple toner is then used to remove yellow, brassy undertones. You may need to use the toner more than once to achieve true snow-white hair. Manic Panic makes a toner named, “Virgin Snow” which is specifically made for this process. A bluing or purple shampoo and conditioner should be used for future cleansing and conditioning. Some people use a vinegar and cold water rinse periodically to help maintain the white shade longer.

Remember, all that bleaching causes damage, so limit shampoos and heat and make sure to deep condition once or twice a week. Now, after all that . . . go and enjoy your great new snow-white hair.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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