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Limit your makeup palette no more! Cosmetics to flatter everyone

By the time they reach adulthood, most women have learned which makeup colors look best on their skin tone, whether it is snow-white, olive or ebony. It’s true that certain colors look better on some skin tones, but as with any rule, there are exceptions.

Luckily for us this year, some of the hottest spring makeup colors look gorgeous on women of any skin color and tone. From your eyes to cheeks and lips, you and all your girlfriends can share these colors and look fantastic doing it! Take a step outside your safety zone with these tips.

Eyelids of royalty

Color blocking is everywhere this season, and eyelids are no exception to the rule! Pairing bright, bold, solid colors with each other is totally in, and the color that we can all enjoy on our eyelids is a vibrant purple. Now, keep in mind, I’m not talking about eggplant or lilac. No, the color that we all share is much more exciting than that – a rich, almost neon purple that is fit for the queen in us all.

Because it contains an even blend of blue and red pigments, this violet shade complements everyone, and can be worn day or night. That said, when you are shopping for the universal shade, be sure to stay away from anything with red undertones. I think Nars has a great matte shade that reminds me of grape popsicles – my summer guilty pleasure.

If purple is a little much for you, don’t fear! Gold eyeshadow is more understated and also looks perfect on every shade of skin. Navy blue eyeliner is another universally hot trend for this season.

Peachy keen cheeks

Unlike burgundy or hot pink, peach is a warm color that won’t look clown-like on women of ANY skin tone. The perfect blend of orange and pink, peach will help warm skin tones glow, and will give a healthy flush to cooler skin tones.

If you have fair skin, you should wear this hue on the apples of your cheeks, and the darker your skin, the higher you should blend it. Peach works great on darker skin as a highlighter on the cheekbones. Buxom has lots of colors of blush, but blushing peach is probably a good universal pick.

A glamorous gabber

Red lips became a classic look for a reason – it’s because they look good on everyone! Now, it sounds easy to just pick a red that looks classic enough, but even a preliminary browsing of the lipstick aisle will remind you how tricky this can be. Lipsticks have warm undertones, cool undertones, browns and purples mixed in to make them all different shades.

What you want is a true red, like a Crayola marker. Many brands will label this classic Hollywood red with an indicative name, like Smashbox’s “Legendary – true red” shade.

Still don’t think you can pull off the red lip? Another universally flattering lip color is a sheer, rosy gloss. Look for one that has just a little bit of pink shimmer but is mostly clear, so it enhances your natural lip color without covering it with another hue.

Makeup is designed to make everyone look equally beautiful, and with these shades, it truly doesn’t matter if you’re black or white (or tan, or medium-bronze, or whatever else!)

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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