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Melt-proof your makeup application

Celebrity makeup artist Andrea Fairweather has enhanced the famous faces of a myriad of stars from musicians Ashley Tisdale and Miley Cyrus to actresses Tia and Tamera Mowry and even athletes like Serena Williams. She’s also the brains behind Fairweather Faces, a line of luxury makeup brushes that come with color-coded face charts. The foolproof face chart tutorials help you pinpoint the best brush, while illustrating how to use it to create a variety of looks.

Fairweather took some time to shares some tips she uses with her star-studded clientele for getting a perfect summer face with melt-proof makeup. First, face primers are an essential step for ensuring your makeup stays melt-proof. A good primer will allow your makeup to glide on the skin and look natural. Since it fills in areas of uneven texture, your primer can soften fine lines and wrinkles and as a bonus your makeup will last longer with minimal touchups.

Two of Fairweather’s favorites include Laura Geller Ethereal Spackle Skin Brightening Primer and Smashbox Photo Finish, which comes in hydrating, mattifying, and three different color-correcting formulas.

To make your primer work better, Fairweather suggests applying your moisturizer first, then letting it settle for a few seconds before applying the face primer all over your face. You can apply primer to your brow bones, but avoid your eyelids. If you’ve never used a primer before, you should notice a difference in the appearance of your foundation, she says, “The result is smooth, even, fresh-looking skin. Fabulous.”

As the temperatures begin to climb, start to introduce cool water and eventually ice cubes into your morning skincare routine. Fairweather explains that the cool water helps to shrink and close the pores, making your makeup application look even better. After you cleanse your skin, run an ice cube all over your face, pat the skin dry and then follow with your normal moisturizer and primer.

If you are a lacking confidence in applying some of the more vibrant hues of summer, she suggests following her tips on the Fairweather Faces “Summer” and “Tropical” face charts. The “Summer” look features a fashion-forward and flattering gold-tone on the eyes and lips. The “Tropical” tutorial blends beautiful blue and green eyeshadows inspired by the Caribbean Sea.

Don’t forget to seal your masterpiece! Spritz your face with a few mists of makeup spray sealer to give your look extra hold that keeps skin feeling comfortable. Fairweather says her favorites come from the Skindinavia line. “They have different formulas depending on your desired look. A matte finish is great to tackle the summer heat, and there’s a dewy finish for mature skin,” she says. You can shop by skin type on the product’s website to find an ideal match for you. Lucky Magazine seconds Fairweather’s endorsement, declaring it will shrink your pores and “guarantees you won’t look like an oil slick by day’s end.”

If you find yourself with an oily T-zone when the weather heats up, keep a pack of blotting papers in your purse for touch ups throughout the day. It works better than powder for clearing away shine without extra product. If you are a babe on a budget, an affordable option is Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets, which is made of a plastic-like propylene material and costs about five bucks for 50 sheets. If you’re working with a more generous beauty budget and want to splurge, check out Oprah-recommended Tatcha rice blotting papers. They’re made with flecks of real gold leaf and are packaged in three different designs that are attractive enough to be accessories in their own right.

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