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Stock your fridge (and protect your skin) with nature’s sunscreen!

Stock your fridge (and protect your skin) with nature's sunscreen!

Now that summer is here, you are probably stocking up on sunscreen and straw hats to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays. But did you know that you can also stock your fridge to save your skin?

That’s right, there are certain superfoods that have the power to boost your skin’s ability to stave off free radical damage that comes from the sun. Of course, this is not an excuse to skip sunscreen. Instead, munch on these fruits and veggies to give your skin an extra boost when you’re spending a lot of time in the sun this season.

Strawberries, oranges and kiwis

These may sound like a delicious garnish to a summer cocktail, but they have some serious punch when it comes to protecting your skin, too! The high levels of vitamin C in these fruits fight cancer, staving off those free radicals that your body creates in response to cellular damage caused by the sun.

In fact, almost all fruits and veggies have powerful antioxidants that can protect your skin from sun damage. Just stick to this rule of thumb in the grocery store or farmer’s market: the darker the color of the produce, the more valuable its antioxidants to reverse free-radical damage.

Carrots and sweet potatoes

These orange veggies look festive on a summer plate, but they also have serious skin benefits – they might even reverse sun damage on your skin. These veggies contain beta-carotene, and they are loaded with quantities so high that they have actually been proven to protect and repair cells damaged by photoaging (caused by good ole Mr. Sun).

Tomatoes and watermelon

Nothing says “summer” like a plate of watermelon or a salad with fresh tomatoes, and now you have even more reason to indulge. These fruits are loaded with lycopene, an antioxidant that has been proven to provide long-term skin protection against radiation caused by UV rays. Even tomato sauce and tomato juice have these benefits!

Those veggies kabobs and fruit salads at your next beach barbecue will taste even better when you know how much their nutrients are helping your skin!

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Trina Coccarelli
By: Trina Coccarelli

At the age of 10, Trina was afflicted with the worst acne ever (at least that’s how she felt). After years of taunting and rude nicknames from the campus mean girls, she decided to gain all the knowledge that she could about skincare. When her acne cleared, all those mean girls were running to her to get all the intel on how to clear their own less –than-perfect skin. From that day on, she was acutely aware of the power that she held (insert evil witches cackle here.) Skincare was her ticket to high school domination. In the years following, she built upon that knowledge base and parlayed it into a stellar career in the skincare industry. Trina’s worked for the biggest names in the game. Now, she’s here with the y|b|a team to keep YOU in the know.