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The hair accessory commandments

Have you ever had one of those days where your normal blowout just looks so boring? Headbands, flower clips, bows and other hair accessories are having a major moment in the spotlight right now, and not just for little girls. Remember all the stars who wore them to the Golden Globes? Michelle Williams, Charlize Theron and Busy Phillips all chose to accent their hairstyles with adorable headbands.

But how do you wear them without looking like you belong on the pages of Crew Cuts? Here are some basic hair accessory commandments – break them and you’ll be committing a mortal fashion sin.

1. Thou shalt not make a bird’s nest out of your own head. This rule applies to almost all of the trendiest hair accessories out there today. If you are wearing a loud hair accessory, there should only be one, and you should keep the rest of your accessories and bold prints to a minimum. Otherwise you’ll end up looking as though a family of robins has taken up residence on your head.

Example: If you are wearing a flower headband, do not wear it with a floral-print dress. Do not wear it with super bright, loud eye makeup. You will look like Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games, and unfortunately (or fortunately) our fashion trends just aren’t there yet.

2. Thou shalt keep it small. When you think of bows, you might think of little girls in the ’80s in their Easter best – or maybe that’s just me. Either way, the bigger the bow, the younger (and tackier) it is going to make you look.

Opt for a small, refined bow for a preppy look that is prim and professional.

3. Thou shalt make a commitment. Statement headbands are great, and so are bobby pins and clips adorned with flowers, bows and other decorations. However, when you are making a statement with hair accessories, make sure you are only making ONE statement!

Don’t ever wear a flower headband with flower clips (unless you want your head to look like the dress your daughter put on her doll this morning.) Do not ever mix one motif with another – as in, bows with flowers, or flowers with feathers.

If you really wanna please the hair goddesses that be, take advantage of hair accessories to spice up your outfit. When you are having your worst hair day ever, a little color on your head will draw attention away from the actual strands. Plus, a bold headband might just be the perfect way to complete your ensemble. Hallelujah!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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