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Would you rather? – A game of makeup mishaps

Have you ever played the game ‘would you rather’? You know the one – you are given two horrifying scenarios and asked which you would choose to have happen if you had to choose one. The great thing about this game is that it can be done with practically any topic you can think of. As I have a somewhat irrational fear of leaving the house without makeup, I thought it would be fun to play this as a game of beauty mishaps – seems entertaining enough. Besides, it’s also a great way to help define your makeup priorities. Ready? Let’s play!…

Would you rather… have raccoon eyes or clumpy/spidery lashes?

I absolutely hate when I find that my eye makeup has melted and run down my face. If it’s been a while since I last looked in the mirror, it makes me wonder how long I’ve been walking around looking like I’ve been punched in both eyes. On the other hand, I also despise clumpy lashes. I know that this look had a bit of a following recently, but I’ve always thought it looked kind of trashy. I guess if I had to choose though, I would go with the clumps over the melty makeup and just hope that no one got very close to me that day.

Would you rather… have clownish streaks of blush or forget your blush altogether?

I remember one day at work, a woman who normally came in looking quite normal, arrived at work with seriously over-rouged cheeks. I don’t know if she was trying something new that day or if she got ready in the dark, but all day long we speculated about whether or not she had gone off the deep end. Conversely, I once went to work without any blush at all (which I never do). Part way through the day I went into the bathroom and realized my oversight. I was horrified because I looked like a ghost, but if I needed to make this decision I think I would stick with forgetting the blush. Even though I looked deathly ill, at least I didn’t have anyone contemplating my mental state (I think).

Would you rather… have lipstick on your teeth or creeping out around your lips?

I love to put focus on my lips, so both of these circumstances are quite appalling to me. While I pretty much always wear gloss, if I had to wear lipstick and had to be stuck in one of these situations I would go with lipstick on the teeth. It’s completely unattractive to have lipstick on your teeth, but I feel like the other mishap leaves women looking older, even if the creeping is not due to wrinkles around the mouth.

Would you rather… have over-plucked or under-plucked eyebrows?

Eyebrow plucking is something I am quite vigilant about. As a naturally heavy browed girl, I like to keep things tidy and natural looking. Overly thick or thin brows do not appeal to me at all, no matter what the current trend is. Forced to make the choice though, I would probably go with under-plucked. At least I wouldn’t have to walk around with a permanent look of surprise and maybe I could claim that I was just emulating a strong brow look I‘d just seen in a magazine. Besides, the look would be a lot less work for me than if I had to over-pluck.

I’m sure you have your own feelings about each set of choices. Let me know what you would pick and feel free to carry on the game by adding your pairs of horrific scenarios.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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