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Book Review and Tips from Dr. Jaliman’s “Skin Rules”

When celebs in the Big Apple are in need of saving from their skincare woes or a refreshing procedure to erase years from their complexions, many of them look to cosmetic dermatologist Dr.Debra Jaliman of NYC’s Mt. Sinai Medical Center for help. Fortunately for the rest of us, she released a bible of beauty tips that offer immediate help you can put in place – even if you’re far away or can’t spring for an office visit today.

After reading her 74 “Skin Rules” I discovered a number of procedures I’d love to try someday (like the non-surgical, skin tightening Thermage CPT) and a trio of new habits I implemented in my regimen right away.

Have a Hands-Off Policy

Your skincare products may have an expiration date stamped on the package, but using your hands when dispensing your creams and foundations can cause bacteria buildup that may reduce shelf life or contaminate them. The best option is to seek products that come in touch-less tubes, bottles and pump dispensers that don’t require you to reach inside to get the product out. If you are using items that are packaged in a jar, use a clean cotton swab to grab a single application. Remember, no double dipping!

Use a Cheap Girls’ Clarisonic

If you’re like me, you’ve been lusting after a Clarisonic oscillating skin cleanser since it hit the market, but are still hesitating about springing for one.   Both the price and my sensitive skin left me second guessing whether it was worth the investment, but in “Skin Rules” Jaliman explains that the little device has a two-fold purpose: It gives you a little extra exfoliation that your fingertips alone won’t accomplish, plus it keeps your dirty digits at a distance so you won’t pollute your pores with impurities lingering underneath your fingernails that are invisible to the naked eye.

If the hundred dollar price tag has you hesitant, there are two more affordable options that Jaliman says will get the job done. Cotton pads are a disposable “manual” way to go, and my choice of the moment. I simply wet my face, dampen the cotton pad and then apply a drop of my favorite cleanser to it. Using light pressure, I buff my product on in a circular motion and rinse completely once I’ve cleaned my entire face. The difference in the texture of my skin is noticeable when compared to washing with my hands. If you want a similar motorized option like the Clarisonic on the cheap, Hydroxatone’s Microsonic Facial Brush  is a worthy substitute.

Shy Away from the Sun

Especially at this time of year, we have a tendency to want to bake in the sun for hours to achieve a bronzy summer glow. Jaliman explains that sun damage is cumulative, so besides not baking, you want to protect yourself from UV rays whenever you leave the house, even if it’s to run a quick errand. “Even ten minutes of exposure a day over the course of a lifetime is enough to cause major problems,” the doctor cautions. Look for multi-functional moisturizers for your body and face with SPF for mild sun protection, such as Miracle Skin Transformer, and then slather on a higher SPF sunscreen if you’re spending a significant amount of time outdoors.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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