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Everyone can wear black – and other infallible truths of mascara

Whether our eyelashes are thick or thin, long or short, straight or curved, many of us rely on mascara to make them stand out. Eyelashes can make your eye color look brighter and are crucial for flirting, so it’s about time we nailed down some infallible truths about mascara.

1. Black works on everyone. Black mascara is classic. Women with light skin and hair might assume that black is too dark for their coloring, but black creates the classic definition that most of us seek when we swipe this cosmetic on. It never hurts to experiment with colors like blue, brown or purple, either.

2. The wand you use matters. Mascara wands come in all shapes and sizes, and yes, they do matter! The wand plays an important role in how the product clings to your lashes, no matter the formula. Certain wands will separate lashes, others make them look feathery and soft.

Rubber brushes add plenty of volume to your lashes because they are able to bend with each lash, whereas comb-like wands are good for elongating the lashes. Thick, bushy brushes will  make your lashes look thick, whereas a wand with separated bristles will separate each lash.

3. You don’t necessarily need waterproof. Waterproof mascara is a godsend for weddings, funerals, rainy days and beach trips, but it should really only be worn at these times. Because waterproof formulas are designed to stand up to things such as tears, sweat and hot humid weather, they are particularly difficult to get off. When you are rubbing hard trying to remove the color, you might end up breaking the lashes, so it’s better to stick with a normal formula for everyday wear (and removal!)

4. Clumps are not cute. It doesn’t matter if you are trying out a spidery look – clumps in your lashes are never a sign of a well-groomed face. If you have a little more product than you’d like on your fringe, make sure you give them a good comb-through with an eyelash comb. If this tool is not yet in your arsenal, an old toothbrush does the trick, too!

5. The way you apply it matters. If you want volume, length or curl, the way you maneuver the mascara wand on your lashes matters. If you want volume, wiggle the brush from root to tip of your lashes – this will coat each hair. If you are going for length, sweep the wand across the upper part of your lashes with a windshield wiper motion after you have applied color to the rest of the lashes. Never forget the lower lashes to complete your look!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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