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Get the perfect ‘ 5 minute-face’

I am not a morning person and am always looking for ways to speed up my a.m. routine. I spoke to celebrity makeup artist Heather Adessa from New York who offered her tips on getting a clean, fresh look on a daily basis in five minutes or less. Pop on that favorite playlist on your mp3 player and you’ll be ready to hit the road before the second tune is over – incredible!

Adessa always opts for tinted moisturizer, “It has a great coverage, while not looking cakey,” she says. Her favorite brand is Laura Mercier, because it has SPF20 and is oil-free. The brand also offers a five-shade selection of Illuminating Tinted Moisturizers that Adessa says will give a sun-kissed glow to practically any skin tone.

Heather’s Pro Tip: I usually recommend mixing the two products together on the back of your hand, then applying with a brush. It gives the face a nice dewy effect, while having the coverage and color you are looking for. You should apply this after your moisturizer, using a brush for even coverage – sponges suck up product, making you waste more product than you’ll use.

Adessa says peach is the new pink! “I love the coral and peach tones for the summer months on any skin tone,” she says. For a kiss color without going overboard, try M.A.C. Blush in Peaches. Use a fluffy kabuki brush to apply it to the apples of your cheeks for a glow that will last all day.

For the eyes, pastels are huge right now. If pastels aren’t your thing, go with a basic bronze for a look that’s always in style. Apply on the lid only, or use as a liner for a more modern twist.

Heather’s Pastel Picks: Bobbi Brown has some great pastel eye colors this season, and M.A.C. Woodwinked and Bronze are two of my favorite hues to wear all year ’round.

Don’t forget those brows! Fill them in with either a powder or pencil. It’s worth the impact and only takes about 30 seconds. Ardell sells an affordable brow powder you can find in most drugstores, however, any eye shadow powder that matches or is slightly darker than your hair color will do. Adessa says powder looks more natural than the pencil liners, especially if you are in a rush in the morning.

Apply a couple coats of black mascara on your top and bottom lashes and a sweep of your favorite lip gloss, and you’re done!

If you have skin that gets shiny as the day goes on, apply a light translucent or blotting powder in the morning, and throughout the day as needed. Estee Lauder Double Wear Pressed Powder is great for a matte look that and lasts all day, and M.A.C. has blotting powders that work well if you get extra oily.

Supercharge Your Routine: To be really quick, skip the tinted moisturizer and opt for the Estee Lauder powder – Adessa says it gives good coverage on its own.

Or, try an all-in-one alternative to Laura Mercier: Miracle Skin Transformer, a five-in-one product with SPF 20 protection that gives your complexion an airbrushed finish as it offers the cosmeceutical benefits of vitamins (A, E, K and CoEnzymeQ10) to fight the signs of aging.

Eliminating eyeshadow and just applying liner is another time-saving tactic. With practice, your liner, mascara and brow color applications should take two minutes, giving you a leisurely three minutes to spend on the rest of your face or a low-fuss up-do.

Can you imagine a beauty routine that’s just five minutes? What other time-saving tips and tools do you have for getting ready in a hustle?

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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