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How to beat the hairstyling heat this summer

It’s safe to say a  majority of women use some sort of heat styling tool at least once or twice a week – whether it’s a blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron. It’s annoying enough to have to spend time damaging your hair with these tools, but when the temperature’s high and the humidty level is higher – forget about it.

Whether your home is air conditioned or not, the last thing you probably want to do in the hot summer months is turn on a heat appliance. But what is a working lady to do? There are ways to create a professional-looking hairstyle with no heat whatsoever.

If you usually use a curling iron

If you use a curling iron regularly to make your hair wavy or kinky, there are ways to get a similar effect without the heat.

It’s usually easier to style your hair when it’s dry, so consider showering at night during the summer. After towel-drying your hair and applying a bit of styling (read: anti-frizz) cream, weave your hair into two loose pigtail braids. The next morning, take the braids out and shape the waves with your fingers and some hairspray or mousse to keep the style and smooth away any frizz. This will be a little different from your normally flowing curls, but think of it as the beachy, summer edition.

If you usually flat iron your tresses

If you usually use a flat iron or straightener to get your hair pin-straight, you can pretty much forget about rocking that style if you want to eliminate heat styling tools.

If you flat iron wavy hair, consider embracing your natural texture this summer by working a curling mousse into your hair when it’s towel-dried. Don’t brush it out – the tendrils will curl better when they stick together. Toss your hair back and forth to promote volume at the roots, but try not to touch it too much. Once your hair is dry, you might be surprised at how curly your locks can really be!

If your hair is naturally straight

You’re one of the lucky ones, since your hair is less likely to frizz up in heat and humidity. Still, you might blow dry it each day to prevent a flat appearance. Your best bet to avoid the hot air is to shower before bed and pull your tresses into an updo the next morning.

Try a sleek, high ponytail by rubbing shine serum into your hair to curb the frizz before pulling up and securing with an elastic. You can do the same thing with any sort of sock bun or topknot, too. A braided or twisted updo of your own creation is another good way to hide any awkward cowlicks you may have gotten from sleeping on wet hair.

If your hair is naturally curly

You know what you have to do. There’s no use battling the humidity in the air (or that lovely moisture that crops up around your hairline when you sweat through the summer heat). The humidity will always win, so instead of trying to keep your blowout straight and frizz-free in this weather, use the natural moisture in the air to your advantage. With just enough curling mousse or cream, you might find you have your best ringlets ever when you rock them during humid days.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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