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How to know when you and your hairstylist are meant to be

There are plenty of ways to make new friends and find new love interests these days, but finding a good hairstylist is just as tough as it always was. Unfortunately, there’s no OKCupid for hairstylists – no easy way to figure out whether he or she will be a good match for you and your hair.

But don’t despair! Just because there aren’t any hairstylist hookup sites, doesn’t mean you have no hope in finding a stylist who is skilled, smart and open-minded about your needs. In fact, there are plenty of ways. Whether you just moved to a new area or need to start fresh with a new stylist, here’s where you should start.

Start with the tried-and-true traditional techniques

How did your mom and grandmother find their hairstylists? They probably got a rave review from a friend and have been going to that stylist or salon ever since. This word-of-mouth technique is still extremely effective. Does your friend always get incredible highlights? Ask her where she goes and who she sees! Maybe you love your co-worker’s cut? Ask her about it!

Know what you want

We all know how important it is to go into a hair appointment knowing what we want, and this is just as important as you start the search for a new stylist. If you’re looking around because you dislike the person you have been seeing, try to identify exactly what you dislike about him or her. Maybe you want someone more skilled, or perhaps you don’t like the way your stylist pushes products on you in that corporate, salesperson way.

But don’t just focus on the negatives! You should also identify what you want from your stylist. Do you want someone who has top-notch listening skills? Maybe you don’t care about personality at all, and simply want someone who will give you a good cut. Once you nail down what you want, it might be easier for you to pick and choose – after all, once you actually start looking, you might be overwhelmed by all the options!

Use your resources

There may not be any dating sites to meet new hairstylists, but there is the entire world wide web at your disposal. If you’ve gotten a recommendation from someone or stumbled across a salon or stylist in some other way, check them out online. There are plenty of websites that allow people to post reviews about stylists. is a good place to start. The star rating allows you to get a general idea of the stylist’s skill, then you can read reviews about stylists, which sheds a little more light on the person’s particular styling and training – will he listen to you when you say “just a trim?” Will she talk your ear off? These are the things that can differentiate a good haircut from a bad one.

Never feel too attached

If you go have a consultation at a salon and you don’t like the person you are seeing, don’t feel guilted into going back. Remember, this IS just a stylist – not your soulmate. In the same vein, don’t feel bad if you’re not digging your stylist but you want to come back to another person at the same salon. You might think this will be taken personally by your stylist, but realistically, they are there to work, and have plenty of other clients. Make the decision based on what will make you feel your best and most beautiful between cuts, not that one hour you spend at the salon every six weeks!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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