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How to pencil your eyebrows without looking like a freak

There are seemingly endless ways to shape thick, unruly eyebrows – women will pluck, wax and thread them to the desired shape and bemoan their natural texture. But what about those of us who have naturally thin or sparse brows?

There are fewer options to make eyebrows thicker and darker. Actually, there is pretty much only one option – to draw them in. But we’ve all seen those disastrous situations where the brows look like they were drawn on with a magic marker. The question is, how do you draw them gracefully so they look natural? Here are some tips.

Use the right pencil

Your liquid eyeliner is NOT the tool for the job when it comes to eyebrow shaping. Neither is your black eyeliner pencil. The color you choose is key, but so is the texture.

You should match the pencil to your eyebrow color. If your brows are super light and sparse, even if your hair is not, here are some basic guidelines: blondes should have light brown brows, redheads look best with a honey colored brown, and brunettes should wear deep browns. Pull out the black pencil only if your hair is actually black.

The texture of the pencil should be slightly soft and powdery, not creamy. A too-creamy pencil will smudge, and one that is too hard may be too waxy and not glide on smoothly.

Do it at the right time

If you pencil in your eyebrows before your foundation, it’s easy to either smudge them while you’re blending your foundation or cover up sections, making them look uneven. Color in your brows after you apply foundation but before you apply the rest of your makeup.

Use the right technique

Before you start, you should brush out your brows and sharpen the pencil. When you comb them out, you can see any patches that are particularly sparse. Brush them downward, softly tracing the pencil along the uppermost edge of your brows. Then, brush the hairs back into place and start filling in the thickest part of your brows, applying the color in short strokes, moving outward.

If your brows are only sparse in certain areas, it’s best to apply a dim dusting of color all throughout so they look even – otherwise, the penciled-on color might look darker than your natural color, and you’ll face your splotchy, patchy problem all over again!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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