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OMG! This is NOT the color I wanted!

If you have ever left the hair salon after a color appointment and felt less than satisfied with the hue, you are not alone. In fact, it happens all the time. There is something to be said for speaking up about it when you’re still in the colorist’s chair, but if it’s too late for that, there are still some things you can do about it.

Call them back

If you shelled out a boatload of money for your new hair color and it’s really not what you wanted, you have every right to call the salon back and tell them you’re unsatisfied. When you are walking around town, you are representing that salon and your colorist, so they want you to look and feel your best as much as you do! Plus, this is an opportunity for them to offer you superb customer service that will earn them your loyalty and maybe some recommendations to friends.

When you call, keep in mind it’s not personal at all. Your colorist is there to do a job, and part of his or her job is to make the client happy and fix any possible mistakes. Calmly explain that the color you got is not exactly what you had in mind, and ask what your options are. Most salons will invite you back for a free re-do, while others may make some professional suggestions for fixing it yourself.

Take to the box

If you don’t like your color but you’re not devastated enough to return to the salon, you might want to buy a box dye kit and do a couple of touchups yourself. The way you fix a bad dye job depends what you don’t like about the color you got at the salon.

If you got streaky highlights, try dyeing your whole head with a semi- or demi-permanent dye that is close to your original color, with words like “natural,” “ash” or “neutral” describing it. This will color over the streaks, making them blend better into the rest of your hair.

If the deep auburn you imagined turned into a Bozo-bright, using a demi-permanent color is a good idea. Choose a medium or dark golden blonde shade that will neutralize orange tones without getting rid of the red tones altogether.

Learn to love it

In some cases, you may walk out of the salon with the exact color you had showed your stylist and just not like it as much as you thought you would. If you feel like it’s not your stylist’s fault or don’t hate it enough to return to the salon, you might just be going through an adjustment period. If you made a major change to your hair color, take some time to get used to it.

While you’re mentally (or emotionally!) adjusting, play around with your makeup and styles you wear in your hair to see if there is a new look that works better with the color.

For instance, if you are finding your new blonde locks a little jarring after going from brunette, it might help to switch out your black eyeliner and mascara for a brown hue instead. If you recently went ginger, try some bronze eyeliner or rust-colored eyeshadow to match your new tresses. If you went darker than your natural color, you might want to increase your use of bronzer or blush so it doesn’t look too harsh against your skin.

Also try out all different styles – if your hair is naturally curly, try wearing your new colors in your natural curls. Play around with different braids and updos – you might just find a style you love with your new color!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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