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Pointers from the Professionals: Josephine Fusco, professional makeup artist

When Josephine Fusco dug around in her mother’s makeup case as a little girl and watched her accentuate her most beautiful features, she didn’t know she would one day make a career out of cosmetics.

But that is exactly what she did. Although she went on to get a degree in healthcare management, she maintained her passion for makeup design. Working under an aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon, she combined her passions for health and beauty, honing her skills on how to make a client look their absolute best with makeup and proper skin care.

She has now been “glamifying ” brides before their weddings and models before runway events for 10 years. Now, she shares her skincare and makeup knowledge with the rest of us!

Q. What are the first steps you take to “glamify” a client?

A. My first step to glamify a client is to apply a good moisturizer to the eyes and face. Then I apply a facial primer to the entire face and neck. I like primers because they set the base for the entire application. The foundation sits beautifully on it.

Q. What are some of your tried-and-true makeup techniques to make a client look her best?

A. Blending! Blending is key. It is so important to blend the eyeshadows as well as the foundations and concealers.

Q. What are your favorite projects to work on? Why?

A. My favorite projects to work on are cover shoots and brides. I just love taking a woman from everyday to glamorous. I’m inspired by brides because the day is so special to them and having your makeup done is such an important part of that day. You need to look flawless from the moment the sun rises all the way past the last dance. I ensure that!  It makes me feel I made a difference in a woman’s life for [not just] a day but also a lifetime! Those photos will be around forever.

A cover shoot is another fave project of mine because I get to glamify women. We determine the look they are going for based on the attire they are wearing. It’s a great experience because you meet so many amazing and talented people and work together as a team.

At the end of each project I just feel so fulfilled and that’s what makes me love what I do even more!

Q. What do you do to make skin look flawless?

A. It all starts with skincare! I have such an intense background in skincare. I’ve worked with one of New York’s leading aesthetic and reconstructive surgeons for over eight years now and with that I’ve learned so much about skincare. So in order to make your skin look flawless and your makeup look radiant it all begins with skincare and incorporating a good daily skincare regimen. Three products are key – a facial serum, facial moisturizer and eye cream.

Q. Which three cosmetics should every woman have in her purse? Why?

A. Concealer, lip gloss and powder. The reason I chose these three is because concealer is a MUST. It’s great for touch-ups on the go – a few dabs under the eyes will instantly brighten the face. You can add concealer as a highlighter to the temples and it will lift and awaken the face after a long day.

Powder is great to tone down oily skin and freshen up the face throughout the day.

There’s nothing easier than swiping on some fresh lip gloss to pout those lips back up and you can dab some of the gloss on your cheeks in place of blush.

Q. A woman has five minutes to do her makeup. What should she prioritize to look her best?

A. The five-minute face is great! There are six key products that I swear by – a luminizer, eyeliner, mascara, concealer, bronzer and lip gloss. The good thing is you can keep these in your makeup bag in your purse.

Awaken your eyes! Put the luminizer all over your upper eyelid. Then swipe an eyeliner on your upper lash line, add a few coats of mascara! Add concealer to your undereyes. Take the bronzer and lightly use it on your cheeks, a little on your temples, down the bridge of your nose and your neck. Add your gloss and VOILA  – five minutes to a great face! Have an extra 30 seconds? Take that luminizer and dab a little on the inner corners of your eyes, cheekbones and the center of your lips.

Q. What is the most common makeup mistake women make? What would you recommend instead?

A. The most common mistakes are either too much of a product or not enough! In most cases less is more – so I usually tell women to implement the five-minute face (mentioned above.)

I find that dark eyeshadows are just too much on just about any woman. Unless you’re doing a photoshoot or a special event, a dark smokey eye should be kept at bay. Smokey eyes are beautiful if done right – but try to incorporate other colors like bronzey browns.

If you can’t get your eyeliner just right and you feel it’s too thick or not an even line, then draw as thin of a line as you can to the lash line and smudge. This will soften the liner and won’t appear as harsh. Try different colored eyeliners. Pass on the black and go with soft browns and greens – you will see a huge difference in your eyes.

Bronzer is meant to give you somewhat of a tan. Don’t put the bronzer over the entire face – you will look orange and uneven. Instead, swipe a few soft strokes over your cheeks, your temples, your neck, your jaw line and a drop down the bridge of your nose.

Q. What is your favorite part of your job? Why?

A. Everything is my favorite part – from start to finish.  I absolutely love helping women put their best face forward. From the moment I apply their moisturizer to the last second right before they walk out the door! That is why I love my job so much. And having the knowledge that I do in skincare makes it even better. Giving women the ability to incorporate the right choices into their skincare routine as well as their makeup and “glamifying” them [is my favorite part of the job] – bringing out their endless beauty!

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