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Recreate the most classic movie hairstyles with your short locks

Audrey Hepburn’s pixie cut in Roman Holiday, Debbie Reynolds’s rolled curls in Singin’ in the Rain and Marilyn Monroe’s sassy bob in Some Like It Hot. What do these all have in common? They started short hairstyle phenomenons that have made it through the test of time and are still beloved classics today.

Long hair has always been in style for women, but these leading ladies proved that hair chin-length or shorter can be sassy, sexy and adorable, all at the same time. So many hairstyles these days are designed for long locks, but short-haired ladies need only look to these fabulous women to see some examples of sexy short ‘dos.

Whether you are dressing up for a costume party or simply want to add a little vintage sass to your style, here’s what you need to recreate these always-lovely looks.

The original pixie

Sure, the flappers of the 1920s rocked some almost-pixie cuts, and stars like Halle Berry and Emma Watson are popularizing them again now, but let’s be honest – Audrey Hepburn pretty much invented the pixie cut.

Roman Holiday is an adorable display of the cut. Although she wears the style differently throughout the film, her twisted updo is perhaps the most memorable. What’s especially good about this style is the way it proves that you CAN do things with short hair!

To copy Audrey’s look, your hair should be about 2-4 inches long with bangs. Comb your bangs forward and add a little curl to them so they dance across your forehead. Pull small sections of hair away from your face and pin them back. If your hair is super-short, just twist the sections and pin, but if it is longer, roll them into mini pincurls along the side of your head, leaving the back of your hair curly.

The sexiest of short ‘dos

When we think of a classic sex symbol, our thoughts tend to settle immediately on Marilyn Monroe. Her voluptuous body and facial features certainly help with her sex appeal, but those signature platinum blonde curls didn’t hurt, either.

In Some Like it Hot, Marilyn proves that short hair is super sexy. Her role as a coveted, beautiful star mimicked her real-life persona, and her voluminous blonde bob certainly helped.

To copy this style, your hair should be between chin-length and shoulder-length. Add as much volumizing mousse to your hair as needed to make it big, then blow dry and set in large rollers – 1 ½ inches to 2 inches will add lots of volume and curl. When you take the rollers out, part your hair deeply to one side and let the curls fall to the thick side in a combover-like fashion – it should sit right about your ears or chin. You might want to touch it up with a 1-inch barrel curling iron to get curls around your face like Marilyn’s.

A fabulous take on the flapper ‘do

Sure, she wears a rain hat in some of the move, but Debbie Reynolds’ adorable rolled curls in Singin’ In the Rain are unmistakably gorgeous. The graceful waves that frame her face take this short, chin-length cut from helmet or flapper-like and turn it into an all-flattering classic.

Your hair should be about chin-length to copy this style, but anything you can wrap around a curling iron or curlers will work. Wrap thick sections of the front of your hair around a curling iron that is between 1 and 2 inches wide. Wrap the pieces so you can twist the iron toward, not away from your face. This gives the classic curled look, as opposed to allowing them to flow away from your face, which looks more modern.

Continue curling the ends of your hair forward and out, then brush through so the curls blend together. Then spray, spray, spray to keep the style perfectly face-framing – even if you’re not going to be singin’ in the rain later!

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Lauren Stewart
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