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Saving your skin from the sweat and sun of summer

Between sweating and sunning, summer months do a number on the skin, and it’s extra tricky because you bare more of it than usual in those bikinis, shorts and tank tops.

All that sweating can clog your pores and make body breakouts more likely, and you also have to be constantly aware of the damage the sun is inflicting. And then you want your skin to glow under that sun dress, of course!

Here are some tricks so you can feel great in the skin you’re in this summer.

Switch up your facial routine

If you generally use a mild facial cleanser and perhaps some heavy moisturizer, swap these out this summer to zap the extra oil that can cause pimples.

Try an oil-free exfoliating cleanser that will wash away those oils and keep pores clear. If you’re not already using an oil-free moisturizer or night cream, now is the time to switch to these too. And of course, always make sure it has an SPF in it!

Keep body breakouts at bay

Even if you never have body breakouts during the other seasons, sweating through the heat and humidity makes an ideal breeding ground on your back, chest and tush for the bacteria that causes acne. Just as you’re switching your face wash to one that zaps oil, exfoliates and clears pores, change up your body wash. Anything creamy will likely be too heavy for the summer. You might be best off with an exfoliating body scrub, or even a body acne wash for problem areas. Bonus, an exfoliant will make your skin glow!

Protect your skin!

There is nothing pretty about a red, peeling sunburn, and the age spots and potential skin cancer it could cause down the road are not cute either. Your daily moisturizer should have at least SPF 15, but always add regular sunscreen on top of this if you’re going outside. No matter what your sunscreen directions say, reapply the stuff every two hours at least, and seek shade at the middle of the day when the sun’s rays are at their strongest.

Fedoras and wide-brimmed hats will also keep the sun away from your face and keep you looking fabulous all the while. Don’t forget sunglasses to protect your eyes and a lip balm with SPF to protect your pout, too!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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