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The unspoken risks of plastic surgery

If you’ve ever watched one of those plastic surgery reality shows, you know how long it takes for the bruising, swelling and incisions to heal before the person’s perky new breasts or flat stomach is revealed. But what happens if these wounds never heal?

It’s more common than you may think, and scars may be the least of your post-surgery woes. Many people know that blood clots and infections can occur, but here are some of the ways a plastic surgery procedure can haunt you. The worst part? No one talks about them.


The point of plastic surgery is to improve the appearance of some aspect of your body, but if an ugly scar remains afterward, is it really much of an improvement? When you get an extensive procedure like a tummy tuck or breast lift, scars are inevitable, no matter how highly skilled your surgeon is. It actually depends on your genetics – some people’s cars will disappear entirely, while others’ may show signs of the scar.

Fat in weird places

If you turned to liposuction looking for a flat stomach, you’ll get it. However, if you gain any weight, it might appear in places you have never had it before. The fat doesn’t “move,” as is commonly believed, but fat cells in other places will simply take on the weight because fat cells removed during lypo are gone forever. It may seem appealing to remove fat from your stomach permanently, but what if it means you’ll end up with unusually large arms or legs? Mess with Mother Nature, it seems, and strangeness ensues.

Gaps and spaces you didn’t know you had

You might go into plastic surgery thinking you will be improving your appearance, only to come out disliking yet another aspect of your body that may not have been noticeable before. Case in point: Tori Spelling. Her breast augmentation is often cited as one of the worst, because of the strange gap between her now-large breasts. You can blame the surgeon if you want, but it’s unlikely Spelling paid an amateur. What happened is the implants emphasized her naturally inverted sternum – something that wasn’t that noticeable before the surgery.

If you still feel like plastic surgery is the best option to improve your self-confidence, make sure you talk to your doctor or surgeon about all the risks involved, and potential skincare treatments to fit skin discoloration or scarring afterward. However, a better idea might be to embrace your body, face or other feature you feel needs to be “fixed” – it’s what makes you, you!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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