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Are you crushing on a new blush? Find out if it’s right for you!

So you need some new blush. It’s as easy as going to the drugstore or your local Sephora and grabbing a compact in some shade of pink, right? Not so much. Anyone who has ever shopped for blush can tell you that it’s not exactly a simple process. There are hundreds of choices of blush available in thousands of shades.

Choosing the right color can be tricky enough, but then you have the option of a powder blush, cream blush and even cheek stains. So how do you know which one is right for you?

Powder blush

Powder blush is perhaps the most common or well-known type of blush. It comes either in a solid compact or in a loose powder, and is applied with a small angled brush or a puff. It can offer sheer or dense color, since you can apply layers of it.

Pros: This is probably the easiest type of blush to use, since it’s pretty hard to mess it up. It goes on smooth and streak free and is easy to blend into your cheeks. It is ideal for women with oily skin since it soaks up oil and doesn’t add to the problem.

Cons: Powder is not recommended if you have super dry skin for the same reasons it is recommended for women with oily skin. It just adds to the dryness instead of balancing it out.

Cream blush

Cream blush usually gives a sheer color and is applied with your fingers. It needs to be blended well and works well with liquid and cream foundations.

Pros: Cream blush is great if you want sheer color with a nice, lightweight feel. It’s a great option for dry skin because of its moisturizing ingredients, and is easy to apply wherever since you don’t need a brush. It’s also super versatile – because it’s so easy to apply, you can use it to add a little glow to areas other than your cheeks – like your brow bone, collar bone and the inner corners of your eyes.

Cons: Because it is applied with the fingers, it is easy to get streaks. In super-hot or humid weather, it might also be more prone to melting than other types. It doesn’t work great if you prefer to wear powder foundation, since it can cause clumping of the powder on your face.

Cheek stain

Cheek stain can come in a liquid or gel form, and is usually blended into the skin with your fingers or a sponge. Cheek stains can usually be used on the lips, too, making them super versatile.

Pros: Aside from this product’s versatility, it also gives the most lightweight feel than all the rest with just as much pigment. When applied correctly, it also gives one of the most natural flushes to your cheeks.

Cons: Stain is probably the most difficult type of blush to apply. It literally stains the skin, so if you don’t blend right away or blend well enough, you are left with streaky stains that can be tricky to get out. It is also best applied to skin that is perfectly exfoliated and smooth. It will soak right into patches of dry skin, so it’s best to exfoliate and moisturize well before applying.

Of course, all these formulas are different depending on the brand and the ingredients. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a bunch of different kinds to find the one that works best on you!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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