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Check out summer’s lively new scents

Summer is such a great time for making a beauty statement. Everything is bright, colorful and people are in the mood for fun. That lightheartedness carries over to fragrance too – or at least it should, in my opinion. I guess there are some women out there who stick with their signature scents all year long, but for those who like to play around with fragrance like I do, summer offers the perfect opportunity.

The first thing to keep in mind when selecting perfume for summer is that the warm weather can alter the way the scent smells on you. What works for you in the cooler months may not be so wonderful when the temperature starts to rise. I never really go for a heavy fragrance, but I think that even if I did I would still want to switch to something lighter in the summer. It just seems like everything should be kind of effortless at this time of year. If you’re looking for something a bit more carefree and sunny for summer then check out this round-up of fresh scents for the season.

The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Sun Fresh

If you like your summer fragrance fresh and clean smelling, then this could be the warm weather perfume for you. Neroli blossom, watermelon and sea spray are reportedly the main elements of this scent. It sounds to me like the perfect complement to gauzy hot weather fashions.

Calvin Klein Eternity Summer 2012

This one is said to be inspired by a summer sunset which, as any good romcom enthusiast knows, is synonymous with romance. With notes of Japanese pear martini, orange blossom, hydroponic gardenia,  musk and heliotrope, to name a few, this scent sounds like a good starting point for those looking to begin their own summer love story.

Clinique Happy Summer Spray

For fans of Clinique’s classic Happy scent, this lightened up version is sure to be a winner for summer. They’ve added a bit of citrus and a lot of floral to make this a summer go-to for flower fragrance lovers. It sounds like it would be the perfect accessory to complete a garden party look.

Burberry Brit Summer Edition

If you like your summer frolics to maintain an air of sophistication then this new offering from Burberry might be the one for you. It’s a lighter take on the original Burberry Brit fragrance. This one includes scents of almond, pear, white peony, lime, white musk, amber and mahogany.

Guess Seductive Sunkissed

If you love the scent of succulent, sun-ripened fruit then this may be the perfume for you. This one features notes of pink grapefruit (a personal fave), pear, raspberry, black current blossom, vanilla, jasmine and orchid, among others. I know that sweet scents don’t appeal to everyone, but I’m excited to smell this one!

Lavanila Vanilla Summer

Okay, I’m even more wound-up about this one! What can I say? I love eating dessert and smelling like it too. (Come to think of it – maybe smelling like dessert is what’s making me want to eat it all the time.) Anyways, if you love sexy sweet scents like I do, this one will likely be a hit with you. Pineapple, mango, coconut milk, vanilla and sugar cane are said to be the notes in this one. Okay… now I’m craving a treat.

Well, it’s heating up out there – time to get out and find your new favorite fragrance. Remember, many of the summer scents are limited editions, so if you find one you really love, you will have to stock up. Of course, like every season, the next summer will come with a whole new crop of options, so you may just want to start all over again and pick a new favorite.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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