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Disgusting beauty moments that I LOVE!

I’ve already shared  eight beauty moments I love , but that got me thinking about ones that aren’t so beautiful…you know, the ones that I love because they are totally disgusting.

1.  The moment when I wipe my face with a towel during a workout and pull it back to see some of my makeup on the towel.

2.  Taking a dry brush to my skin when I haven’t exfoliated in days and I’m super scaly.

3.  The moment I discover an ingrown hair and clear my afternoon because yeah, I’m going to want to get this sucker out.

4.  Biore Pore strips. Anyone else?

5.  The moment when my waxer gasps at the sight of how much hair is on the strip she just pulled from my brow, and then shows me so I can gasp for myself.

6.  The moment I see the true color of my nails after removing my nail polish.

7.  Certain whiteheads.

8.  The astringent-soaked cotton ball after I’ve run it over my face. Bonus points if it looks disgusting and I actually thought my face was clean.

Hey, beauty isn’t always pretty. What are your favorite disgusting beauty moments?

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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