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Hey four-eyes, you look gorgeous!

Learning that you need glasses may have been the worst news ever when you were a kid – oh, the taunting that was sure to ensue! However, these days, a new set of frames is one of the best ways to add a dash of serious style.

Maybe you’ve always had glasses and are looking to update your look, or maybe you’re starting to (ahem) need some help reading the newspaper (it happens to the best of us). New specs might just be one of the best fashion statements you’ve ever made – as long as you know how to choose them, and which makeup trends to wear with them. Here are some tips to get you started.

Color is key when picking frames

Glasses frames come in a variety of colors nowadays, making it tougher to choose. Generally, it’s a good idea to pick your frames based on your coloring – if you have dark hair and features, dark frames, either a deep tortoiseshell or black, work well. If you have light hair and skin, a light brown tortoiseshell, blonde, or even clear frame might be best for you.

Color choice can also depend on the face shape. Dark frames help define round and oval faces, while lighter frames can make square and heart-shaped faces look softer. Well-defined faces (like square, rectangular and heart) may even do well with frames that are rimless on the bottom only.

Then again, you can always choose a bold color like red or seafoam green for a trendy, modern approach. If your style is more classic and refined, stick to a black, tortoiseshell or metal frame. But if a fun color would match your wardrobe, I bet you can rock them!

If you want a little pop of color without going for a totally bold frame, try a pair that is a light blue or green on the inside. Choose a color that complements, not matches, your eye color to really make your eyes stand out. You can also play this up more with pretty colored eyeliner.

Remember – confidence is beautiful! As long as you love the shape and color of your frames, you are sure to look gorgeous.

When makeup gets magnified

If you’re a newbie to glasses, it’s important to keep in mind that they tend to magnify your eyes – and your eye makeup. Generally, you should avoid super-dark eyeshadow and heavy, black eyeliner – save them for a day you feel like wearing contacts, instead. Also, anything super sparkly will make your eyes look bulbous behind your specs, so keep glitter to a minimum.

However, if you’re dressing up and wearing glasses, it’s a good idea to choose your makeup based on your frames. If they are heavy-looking and black, you can wear darker eye makeup. If you have light, wire-rimmed specs, stick to a more minimal look or dress up your eyes with some shimmer.

If you chose thick, dark frames, it is also important to keep in mind that they will create shadows around your eyes. Always be thorough when applying concealer to dark spots, and opt for natural eyeshadow shades like apricot and beige with just a slight shimmer to lighten things up and highlight your best features while counteracting the shadows. A dot of shimmery highlighter or champagne eyeshadow in the inner corners of your eyes will keep your glasses from swallowing up your loveliest feature!

Keep your eyeliner and mascara minimal but impeccable – those glasses will also magnify any mistakes!

Now, slap on those specs and get ready to accept some seriously flattering compliments!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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