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How and why to choose a makeup palette

We all see articles in beauty magazines that tell us to “rock lime eyeshadow this summer” or try out some weird bubblegum pink lipstick. Now, I love trying trends, but I’m not exactly interested in spending $20 on a new lip color that might not even work on my skin tone. That’s why I love makeup palettes.

You can buy trendy products at a drugstore with a forgiving return policy, but I hate to see a barely-used cosmetic go to waste. Opt for makeup palettes with lots of colors to try out. The multitude of colors in eyeshadow palettes practically dares you to try something bold. You’ll instantly feel like a professional makeup artist when I open it up. They’re colorful and cost-effective, but here are some other reasons to love makeup palettes.

They’re travel-friendly

Whether you’re traveling from work to a party or from home to Barbados, a makeup palette will most likely have your makeup needs covered. These handy, palm-sized kits can contain a couple of matching or complementary shades. For instance, I have one eyeshadow palette that has a shimmery pink, taupe, charcoal and bronze – making it easy to add a little drama to my daytime look for a night out after work. A good one to try is the Glamour To Go Palette by Too Faced – it also has blush!

Not only do they fit in your purse – they fit in your carry on, and can be like a pre-packed makeup bag. Pick one that contains an eyeshadow, lip color and blush for your skintone, and you’re ready for your mid-flight touch-up. I love Sephora’s Mini Shopping Bag Makeup Palette because it has a handful of eyeshadow hues, several lip colors and blush.

They come with their own tools

Many makeup palettes – whether they’re just one cosmetic or have a bunch of options – come with the right tool for the job. Need  an angled brush for your rosy cheeks? A blending brush for that perfect smoky eye? Your makeup palette will be ready for you.

They teach you what works with your coloring

If you know that beige eyeshadow looks great on you, pick an eyeshadow palette that contains beige and other complementary colors. I was once an ivory-shadow-only type of girl, until I tried (and fell in love with) the apricot shadow that sits next to the ivory in my eyeshadow palette.

Plus, if you try a color in the palette that doesn’t work on you, chances are another hue in there will! No harm, no foul.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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