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How to talk your boyfriend into getting a better haircut

Let’s face it – men don’t always have the best sense of style, and when it comes to things like haircuts, their choices can be even more unfortunate. Many men have been going to the same barber for years and getting the same cut, even though it’s no longer flattering or in style. Others don’t even have a hair care routine, or they – God forbid – get their hair trimmed by Mom.

If your man fits into one of these categories, you have no doubt tried to make subtle hints about his hair. But again, let’s face the facts – men aren’t so great at subtlety. Of course, if you’re dating, a haircut is not necessarily a deal breaker, but it wouldn’t hurt for him to get a new look, right? Here are some places to start if you want to have “the talk” – about his hair, that is!

“Where do you get your hair cut?”

Asking your man where he gets his hair cut is a totally harmless segue into a conversation about other salons he might want to try. If he says he has been going to the same barber for 10 years or more, suggest your salon or one you know some of your male friends enjoy, just for the sake of a change.

Price is often a main consideration for men – they are usually not going to shell out $50 to get the back of their heads buzzed. If you want your man to go to a certain salon, to check out the price and make sure it’s comparable to what he already pays.

“Wow, you’ve had the same hair since high school?”

Pointing out “sameness” in your man’s appearance is another way to painlessly (sort of) start the hair conversation. Maybe you are looking at old pictures of yourself and point out how you look different than you did in high school, and it’s because you like to try new hairstyles. Or, maybe you’re looking at pictures of him and realize he truly looks the same. Suggest you both get new hairstyles to go through a fun change together.

You can also offer a back-handed (but still kind!) compliment, saying he looks the same as he did in high school. Hinting that a new cut might be more manly might be just what he needs to hear to head to the salon.

“I love Tom Brady’s hair…”

If you express interest in the trendy hairstyle of some superhunk like George Clooney or Hugh Jackman, your man is likely to roll his eyes at you, because these babes are just so not on their radar. Even if they don’t know what these stars’ hair actually looks like, they may write them off as too glamorous to attempt in real life.

Choosing someone your man already loves for other reasons, however, is a great way to casually hint at a hair change. Maybe your guy is obsessed with Tom Brady and Michael Phelps, or is a huge Chris Martin fan. When you two see one of these guys on TV or in a magazine, talking up his hair (only if you like it!) is a great way to hint that maybe he should get a similar style.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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