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Is there meaning to that pimple?

You can find deeper meaning in a lot of mundane things in life, but can a pimple or dark spot on your skin really be that symbolic? As a matter of fact, it can! While zits might not reveal the meaning of life any time soon, they give you some valuable insight into what's going on elsewhere in your body.

Some dermatologists still practice the ancient art of face mapping, which is derived from ancient Chinese medicine. You can use it to decode some of the messages your body is sending you – and clear up your skin in the meantime!

Forehead breakouts = bladder problems

Breakouts across your forehead indicate issues or imbalances in your bladder or digestive system. Improving your diet and drinking more water may help clear these up.

Between the eyebrows = too much alcohol

Those breakouts between your eyebrows are the worst, because they often hit a nerve that makes them oh so painful. As it turns out, these are usually caused by issues with your liver. Try cutting back on alcohol, dairy and heavy foods. These breakouts also might indicate a mild food allergy.

By the ears = dehydration

If you are breaking out along the outer edges of your face in front of your ears, your kidneys may be telling you something. Start hydrating yourself –  avoid dehydrating drinks like coffee, alcohol and soda, and you might see these pimples disappear.

On the cheeks = smoking

If you're a smoker or have allergies, you might break out on the apples of your cheeks because this zone correlates to your respiratory system. Ah, clear skin – yet another reason to quit smoking!

Chin zits = stomach problems

If you tend to break out on your chin, it might be your stomach and digestive system telling you something. Try a detox or add some more fiber to your meals to clear these pimples up.

Jaw line = hormones

Those pesky zits along your jawline might be related to your hormones, whether they are related to your cycle (they can show when you're ovulating) or your stress levels. In fact, the side of your face you break out on can even indicate which side you ovulate on!

Usually, hormone changes caused by stress and menstruation can be resolved if you drink more water and add some dark, leafy greens to your diet. However, if these breakouts are the norm for you, talk to your doctor about a potential hormone imbalance.

Neck breakouts = are you sick?

When you break out along your neck, it could be a sign of your body fighting off an illness. To clear this up, give your immune system a boost by getting plenty of rest and drinking tons of water.

Of course, these are not hard and fast rules. There's a lot more going on, especially nowadays when we have fancy face washes to clear up acne and other cosmetics and products that can cause it. However, this holistic approach to skincare is one that is worth learning!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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