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Keep your smokey eye smoldering

Smokey eyes are the classic bombshell makeup look. Even if the rest of your makeup is angelic and innocent, just a little smudge to your eyeliner puts the sexpot look in full effect.

The smokey eye is classically done with black eyeshadow and eyeliner, but the technique is versatile enough that you can get a different look using colors like bronze or even jewel tones. Although it’s versatile and straightforward in many cases, there are plenty of ways to go wrong. Here are my top three pet peeves about this trend – and how to avoid them to keep your smokey eye smoldering!

Pet Peeve #1: Keeping it monotone

Black eyeshadow is the classic cosmetic used for the smokey eye, but it’s crucial to mix this shade with lighter shades of gray and silver to keep it looking, well, smokey. Otherwise, you’re not rocking the smokey eye… you’re rocking a black eye.

An effective smokey eye usually has at least three shades of the color you are using – whether that’s black, teal, purple or something else. Blending the shadow up with a brush is also key to give it that fading look.

Pet Peeve #2: Matching it with super-dark lips

Listen. Red lips are sexy, and dark red lips are super trendy right now. But if you’re hankering for one of these sex-kitten looks, pick one or the other, and stick with it. Smokey eyes are a statement and dark lips are a statement. Rocking both at once not only makes the two features and trends fight for attention, it makes you look more like a Hot Topic model than the smoldering sex goddess you were probably going for.

If you are choosing to play up your eyes with a smokey eye, opt for a light pink, nude or clear lip gloss. If you want to make statement with your lips, keep your eye makeup on the natural side.

Pet Peeve #3: Not wearing any eyeshadow

There are plenty of cosmetics out there nowadays that boast two-in-one capabilities. For instance, I have a black eye pencil that comes with a sponge on the end for an easy smokey eye. In a pinch, this is a fine way to create the look if you only have a minute. However, one of my biggest pet peeves is when women don’t finish a thick black liner look with shadow. Ladies, this is not a smokey eye. This is just wearing black eyeliner, and you look like a raccoon.

Although lining your entire eye with black is a good way to give your smokey eye definition, don’t stop there! It gives the impression that either you’re not done with your makeup or you never learned how to blend it.

If you’re relying on your eye pencil to create the smoke, add a touch of shimmery shadow to complete the look. Oh, and NEVER forget mascara.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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