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Lipstick rules that never go out of style

Remember that frosty pink lipstick you wore in high school? How about that brownish mauve you wore to your first job? Looking back at your lip color, it’s easy to see how this cosmetic has evolved over the years to meet the demands of our ever-changing trends.

Although the look of lipstick will always be different, there are some tried-and-true tips that should always stay the same. Think of them as the commandments of lip color – stick to these, and your lips will always look luscious!

Blot for a good base

Some people may write it off as an unnecessary step, but listen to me, ladies –  always blot. Blotting your lipstick is crucial for lasting power. Apply one coat to your lips straight from the tube, then press your lips to a tissue. This creates a base. Then apply another layer for color and shine.

Avoid sparkles

Yes, a little shimmer in your makeup can give your face a lovely, glowy look, but too much glitter on your lips can make any product look cheap. While a slight sparkle can reflect light nicely, most of these effects should come from the reflection of light against the shine in the product, not the glitter.

Instead of picking a metallic lipstick, opt for a moisturizing one that will leave a nice shine on your lips when you apply it. You can also always add gloss on top for extra gleam.

Choosing the right red for you

Bright lip color will always be in style in one way or another, so it’s about time you figured out how to choose one that looks good on you. It’s easy to fall in love with the bright color of the week. But just because it looks good on a model or on a sheet of paper doesn’t mean it will work on you.

The trick for choosing the right bright is to base it on your natural lip color, not your skin. If your lips are naturally pale, you should choose a cherry or coral hue. If your lips are naturally bright red, you can rock hot pink and orange, and if your lips are naturally dark, you can wear pretty shades of brick red.

Don’t go dark

Just as bright colors will always come into style in one incarnation or another, dark hues will, too. It’s unfortunately easy to look like a vampire or goth when trying to rock this look, but there is an easy way to avoid it.

As tempting as it might be at some point to reach for a deep purple lipstick if it’s in style, choose a berry hue instead. Lipstick with blue or black undertones really don’t look good on anyone – they have an aging effect that can wash you out. Instead, look for lipsticks with a bright raspberry or cherry undertone that is still dark enough to look trendy.Source: You’ve probably been wearing lipstick for years, but this cosmetic has evolved as trends across the nation have changed. Here’s what you need to know to make this cosmetic work for you today.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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