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Makeup Brush Care:101

Whether you’ve sprung for a professional-style set of brushes or are working with budget-priced brushes in your beauty routine, proper brush care is essential for prolonging your investment and preventing irritation on your skin and eyes from bacteria buildup.

Cleaning Between Uses

It’s not necessary to deep clean your brushes every time you use them, but a quick cleaning product can help you get the intended color application when moving between different shades of makeup with the same brush. Kevin James (KJ) Bennett is a multiple Emmy-winning makeup artist and developer of a professional set of brushes that will be launching with Royal & Langnickel in June. To keep his tools ready to, he opts for Cozzette brush cleanser.
“I love it for so many reasons – it’s made for synthetic brushes, which is what I use, and it smells *divine*, like lavender and lemongrass,” he says.  You just spray it on the brush’s bristles to dampen, and then buff them clean on a paper towel or tissue. Let it dry completely before reusing.

Deep Cleaning

Depending on how much mileage you put on your brushes, a deeper clean will be in order every two weeks to a month. There are gentle brush soaps out there, but I’ve always had success with ultra affordable Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. A travel size bottle will cost you 99 cents and if used just for your brushes will last you a year or more. Put a dab of soap in the palm of your hand, moisten the bristles of your brush and lightly move the brush in a circular motion in the palm of your hand. Rinse and repeat as needed, paying careful attention to avoid saturating the ferrule (that’s the metal part of the brush that holds the bristles to the handle), as to prolong the life of the glue inside and prevent shedding.


After giving your brushes a thorough cleaning, it should take at least eight hours, if not more, to dry completely. To expedite the process, put a microfiber towel on your vanity and place each brush on it to dry after it is cleaned. Rotate the brushes slightly ever few hours to get maximum air exposure.


You should always store your brushes upright in a holder – even a pencil cup will do – or in a brush bag with compartmentalized space for each one. This will keep your bristles from getting smashed or warped out of shape.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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