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Perfectly primed: Tips and tricks on mastering primer

It seems like every makeup tutorial I read these days suggests starting with primer before applying foundation, concealer or any other type of makeup.

Primer makes your skin the perfect canvas and prevents your cosmetics from seeping into your pores and causing breakouts. Some even offer SPF protection. You might just find that primer is a must for your makeup bag.

What is primer? Think about painting a wall. In most cases, you need to apply a thin coat of a paint called primer to smooth out rough patches and even out mismatched colors. Applying primer before you “paint” your face with makeup serves the same purpose as priming a wall.

What does it do? Most primers today do more than smooth out your skin and make it one uniform color. Depending on the type you use, primer can nourish extra-dry skin and fill in pores, fine lines and wrinkles.This makes it one of the best anti-aging cosmetics! It can also absorb oil and help your foundation and other makeup stay on better.

What type do I need? The first step in using primer is choosing the right one for you. Some primers come with green tints to combat redness or rosacea, others come in pinkish hues to brighten your complexion and several feature a purplish mauve hue to cancel out sallow skin tones. Make Up For Ever has a nice oil-free variety, while Smashbox makes one that inhibits the destruction of collagen in the skin.

How do I use primer? Apply a small amount of primer to your entire face, covering everywhere you plan on using makeup.  Once it is dry, apply your makeup as usual.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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