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Summer Hair: 6 No-fail hair fixes

Ahh . . it’s summertime ( at least for a bit longer.)  It’s the time of year I take considerable measures to reduce the amount of time I spend on my hair. I’ve learned over the years, that time spent trying to browbeat my hair into submission during summer, is more or less futile . . . so I avoid it. And now when a rich friend asks me to come spend a weekend on a boat . . . I’m good to go!

Seriously, here are the things I’ve learned that not only make my summer’s easier and more enjoyable, but also keep my hair healthy, shinny and full of body!

Do wear a cute and adorable hat

Yep, besides being a fashionable cover-up for a ‘bad hair day’, a hat is probably your greatest on the spot ally in defending your hair against one of its worst enemies . . . summer sun. It’s especially true if you are one of the hundreds of thousands of women who color your hair. Check out my article devoted solely to cute summer hats for some ideas

Do buy SPF protection for your scalp and hair

A sun burn on your scalp is not a pretty picture and though not confirmed, it’s been hyped as a possible link to hair loss and even balding. Redken Color Extend Sun line has been voted a top product from professionals. Color Extend Sun Solar Screen SPF 12 helps prevent sunburn, peeling and flaking of the scalp and protects the hair as well.

Do wet down hair before entering the pool

Wetting your hair down pre-pool dipping is a good way to help lower the absorption of chlorine and other pool chemicals to your hair.

Do shampoo hair after the pool or ocean

Both chlorine and sea salt reek-havoc, drying out your hair if left in. If you can’t shampoo, at least rinse these out your hair sooner than later. And, of course if you’re an avid pool dweller, a shampoo formulated for ridding the hair of chlorine is advisable.

Do use a deep conditioner or hair oil

Slathering in your favorite conditioner or hair oil before hitting the beach is a great way to get double duty from these products. The heat from the sun will help your hair absorb the conditioner deeper into the hair shaft, turning any conditioning into a deep conditioning treatment.

Do do more up-do’s

Any day you wear a style that doesn’t include the heat from a hair-dryer, curling iron or flat-iron; will be a day your hair will thank you for it and show improvement. Braids, chignons, ponytails and twists are chic, adorable ways to change it up this summer.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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