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Choose the best hair color for your skin tone

Your skin tone is the first thing a professional hair colorist takes into consideration when consulting with you on what hair colors will look best on you. They know that by giving you a hair color that compliments your skin tone, you will be a happy camper and a loyal color customer for life . . . and every professional wants that!

But, why are skin tones so important when making a hair color change? The answer to that question is easy. The skin tone/hair color combination will make the difference of whether you feel fabulous when you look in the mirror, or sickly! Hair colors that compliment your skin tone can make you glow and will even enrich the look of your skin. My favorite . . . a complimentary hair color can even melt away years. Seriously! And, do I need to say, the opposite is true of a mismatch . . . the wrong color can make you look worn out, older or ashen.

It’s always a good idea to learn what your skin tone is because it determines what colors look best on you, whether it’s make-up, clothing or hair color. It’s especially important when applying a color next to your face that you will need to live with for a while. A quick test is to check out the color of your veins on your wrist. If they are blue it’s an indication you have cool skin tones and if they are green, you are likely warm toned. But if you don’t know for sure, you can go further and, take this comprehensive questionnaire!

Best Hair Colors for Warm Skin Tones
People with warm skin tones have an underlying, subtle warmth to their skin, and they look their best when they add even more warmth to their overall look. Earth-tones like charcoal gray, sienna orange and moss-green make this skin tone look exquisite along with gold toned jewelry.

The best hair colors for these skin tones have a rich, warm base color. Here is an easy trick to help you. Remember the phrase “warming up with warm tones.” Imagine the colors that you would see if you curled up by a roaring fireplace. Amber red, beautiful orange, and glistening gold tones are the perfect base colors for people with warm toned skin.

Complimentary hair colors include: strawberry blonde, golden blonde, honey blonde, caramel blonde, golden brown, red brown, chocolate brown, copper, auburn, mahogany, red and ginger

Best Hair Colors for Cool Skin Tones
Those with cool skin tones have subtle, underlying cool hues in their skin. The underlying tones can be enhanced through the use of similar cool colors. Jewel-tones like ruby-red, sapphire blue, and emerald really bring out this skin tone as well as silver toned jewelry.

The best hair colors for these skin tones have bold, cool base colors. There’s a simple way to remember these tones. Close your eyes, and think of the perfect summer day at the beach with a nice, cool breeze. What comes to mind? A crashing blue ocean, green palm trees, and sand in between your toes? Blue, green, and beige are fantastic base colors for people with cool toned skin.

Complimentary hair colors include:  ash blonde, platinum. beige blonde, sandy blonde, blue black, jet black, deep brown,  ash brown,  dark coffee brown, lipstick red, burgundy and red violet

The results are astonishing when you find the best hair color for your skin tone. The right color will automatically brighten your complexion and make you look well rested (even if you only got a few hours of sleep the night before). It’s truly better than any beauty product that money can buy. What’s even better? You can use all the information, and implement the same ideas to clothing and jewelry as well to look your best from head to toe! But, don’t take our word for it. Try out the techniques today!

You can learn more about skin tones by visiting How to Determine Your Skin Tone.

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