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The do’s and don’ts of wearing lip gloss

Lip gloss has probably been one of your favorite cosmetics since you learned what makeup was. It has the power to make your lips look plumper, softer, brighter and lusciously irresistible. Plus, it’s super easy to put on wherever you are!

You can’t go wrong with lip gloss, right? Wrong. Although it is a bit more of a carefree cosmetic than lipstick or lip stain, there are some things that are a definite “do” with gloss, but other mistakes you should avoid like the plague.

Do use it to give your lips shine, don’t turn your pout into a sticky mess

Lip gloss has one major claim to fame – it is the ultimate way to make your pout look juicy. While shine and shimmer are great ways to make your lips look plump and pretty, some formulas look more like lip laquer than a nice gloss.

These thick, sticky formulas are not necessarily bad – in fact, they tend to last longer and create more shine than their thinner, more balmy counterparts. Just consider what you’re doing. If you need a long-lasting shine, consider the sticky stuff. If eating, drinking (or smooching!) is in the cards for you, consider a lighter, more kissable formula. Lip gloss is sexy, but less sexy when a guy is afraid he might get stuck to it!

Do enjoy how easy it is to apply, don’t become an application addict

Yes, lip gloss is super easy to apply – so much so, it can be done almost anywhere. But beware of becoming a lip gloss addict. There is no better way to look high maintenance than to continually apply lip gloss (especially the kind with the wand or brush) at a dinner or other social event. If you are looking for long-lasting color or shine, lipstick might be a better choice.

Tip: You can make your gloss last longer by not rubbing your lips together. This also prevents your look from going from polished to undone.

Do enjoy the shimmer and shine, don’t let UV rays do the same

You love how the light reflects off the gloss and shimmer on your lips, but keep in mind that these aspects of lip gloss are also working to reflect and magnify the damaging UV rays from the sun – kind of like wearing oil on your body at the beach.

To prevent a fierce, chapped burn (and potentially serious skin damage!) always pick a gloss with SPF built into it. If your favorite type doesn’t have any sun protection, layer on a lip balm underneath that does.

Now pucker up! You’re ready to flaunt some lip gloss that is seriously poppin’!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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