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How to Skip Washing Your Hair for 6 Days

Experts agree: Over-washing your hair can lead to a host of problems. (Splitends, dry hair, stripped color—the list goes on.) But if you think cutting back on washing means walking around looking like a greaseball for a week, think again. We have six hairstyles to get you from Monday to Sunday without touching your shampoo.

If you’re hesitant to retire your shampoo bottle (at least for more than a day), it’s probably because you’re worried about your hair looking oily and dirty. First, let’s talk about why that happens.

Individual hair follicles are connected to sebaceous glands, which are responsible for converting fats from your body into sebum, the natural oils which are then secreted onto your skin and hair. The good news is that this moisturizes and waterproofs them. The bad news is that it can start to look a little funky if left unchecked for too long.

The irony is that by washing your hair every day, you could actually be making oily hair worse. Your daily shampoo strips your hair of those natural oils, meaning your body has to work overtime to make up for the lost moisture. (Which is why your hair resembles Danny Zuko’s the next morning.)

Recent movements away from daily shampooing have challenged women to go six weeks (or more!) without washing, but we think it’s ok to take a few baby steps first. Let’s start with six days.

Here are our tips for getting from Monday to Saturday suds free without looking like you haven’t showered in a week.

Disclaimer: Don’t worry; we aren’t recommending you go six days without bathing. Simply keep your locks dry in a shower cap, or you can condition if you’re worried about the smell of your hair. Just keep your mitts off the shampoo.

Day One: Give yourself a blow-out or get one from a professional. It’s important to get your hair as perfect as possible on the first day to help your strands extend the full six days. You can use your usual products, but use a lighter hand to keep hair from looking weighed down too soon.

Day Two: A good blow-out should have enough life in it for a second day. If your hair is especially oily, add a sprinkle of dry shampoo or a quick shot of hairspray to restore the oomph to your style. A messier part can also help hide excess oil. Starting on the second day, be sure to brush your hair out every evening with a natural bristle brush to evenly distribute oils throughout your tresses.

Day Three:  Depending on your hair texture, you might need to start hiding your roots. Try pinning or braiding back your bangs, or pull the top half of your hair into a sleek pompadour.

Day Four: Though your ends might still be in good shape, now’s the time to start embracing an updo. Pull your hair back into a chic ponytail (at whatever height you prefer) and keep shorter layers around the face pinned back or held in place with hairspray.

Day Five: You’re almost there! Today’s the day to try one of the hottest hair trends of the season: braids. Starting at your shortest layer, French braid your hair to one side until your hit the top of your neck. Use a clear elastic to hold the look in place, and then fishtail braid the rest. Using scissors, carefully cut away the first elastic for a look that’s perfectly pulled together.

Day Six: You made it! Don’t even bother with trying to hide the extra grease. Instead, slick your hair into a high pony tail and twist into a top knot. Bonus: The extra grit will not only help your updo stay in place, it will also make your bun look fuller.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure you can make it the full six days. Any break you can give your hair will benefit it in the long run. Try washing your hair every three days or even every other day to cut down on dryness and breakage.

What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without washing your hair?

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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