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Make your green eyes pop with these eyeshadow shades

My green eyes are my favorite feature, but it can be hard to find colors that compliment them. I’ve always admired how teals and turquoises look on blue and brown eyes; unfortunately, after attempting to use blue eyeshadow on myself many times, I’ve come to the realization that it just doesn’t work with my greens. Any lighter blue shade just washes out my eye color and doesn’t enhance them at all. The same goes for black eyeshadow– I’m sure some fellow green -eyed girls might disagree with this, but I find black to look too harsh on my eyes. But just like turquoise eyeshadow, I find a black smokey eye to look fantastic on brown and blue eyes…. I’m more than a little envious!

Just because green can sometimes be a hard color to enhance doesn’t mean there aren’t colors that look amazing on us. Through trial and error, I present to you the looks that are the most flattering for green eyes (and no, I’m not going to tell you to slap on some purple for the 100th time):

Soft Taupe: This color really makes green eyes glow. I have found that by priming my eye with a champagne cream color and layering a taupe color all over the lid, I achieve a beautiful soft, hazy look.Wet n Wild Pixie Idol Eyes Cream Pencil is an affordable creamy champagne option, and my absolute favorite taupe is Sidecar from Urban Decay (in the Naked Palette). If you are looking for a more affordable taupe, try ELF’s Moondust eyeshadow or Wet n Wild Nutty.

Smoldering Orange: While orange looks great on blue eyes, I personally think it looks even more stunning on green eyes. It will bring out any orange flecks in green eyes and give you a sexy, smoldering look. It’s hard to find orange eyeshadows at the drugstore, so I have to recommend a pricey but wonderful duo: Nars Mediteranee. After applying Mediteranee all over my lid, I line my waterline and tight line with a black kohl pencil. Feline eyes!

Navy Eye Liner: Okay, I know I said that most blues don’t work for my green eyes, but navy is different! By applying a deep navy shade, my green eyes seem to pull a slightly bluish color. You can apply the color on the lid as a smokey eye, and it also looks beautiful pushed into your upper lash line. Just take an angled brush and apply the shadow as close as possible to the upper lash line. If you want navy for a bargain, try the deep blue in the Wet n Wild Pride Palette.



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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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