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Marathon training: Some high points and a few low

When I signed up for a marathon, I was excited and nervous at the same time. This is part two of the story of my struggles and triumphs through the training process. Stay tuned! (And read part one here!)

I am officially a couple of months into my training, and I am honestly enjoying myself. However, it is far from easy and I am seeing my fair share of bumps and obstacles along the way. But let’s just say this, there is nothing better than a runner’s high after you completed a 14 mile run.

She’s what!?

The friend I am running with, who encouraged me to sign up in the first place, got injured. A few weeks ago she set out for a 5 mile run and hurt her hip – so I panicked. Will she be able to recover in time? How am I going to run 12, 14, 16 miles without a buddy? We aren’t sure if she will make it back, but I know I won’t quit.

If you talk to any runner, they will say there are good runs and there are bad runs. Some days, you just don’t have it. Well, maybe it was because my friend got injured or I didn’t drink enough water beforehand, but I did not have whatever the “it” is when I set out to run 12 miles. I ran my first six miles and stopped to drink some water – my legs hurt and I was exhausted. I remembered that listening to my body was important (my friend did just get injured), so I stopped. Of course, I was NOT pleased with myself, but such are the highs and lows of running!

Importance of good ol’ H2O

After my disappointing weekend of failing to do 12 miles, I wasn’t feeling so hot going into the 14-miler the following weekend, even though I completed all my short runs during the week. However, I knew I had to do it. I was not going to give up two weekends in a row – no way! I equipped myself a belt with a couple water bottles attached to it and began my run.

I felt great throughout the first 12 miles – I couldn’t believe it. I felt awesome. I could definitely tell the difference from drinking water throughout my run. The last two miles weren’t as easy. It was as if I could feel each muscle moving in my legs and my shoulders were sore (you read correctly – my SHOULDERS hurt). But then again, it was my last two miles of a 14 mile run – so of course I finished. I was beyond excited.

However, my inner victory is short-lived – next week is 15 miles!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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