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Must Have Back to School Hairstyles

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I know what you’re saying, “Are all these people crazy?  Every year it’s the same thing, we’ve only just begun getting into summer fun and we become overpowered with talk about, “back-to-school,” back-to-school, back-to-school . . .Yikes!”

Ok, understood, but you will thank me soon enough when you have some back to school hairstyles ideas in the bag, all set and ready to hit the ground running when you need them most.

Hairstyles for back to school need to be easy of course, but equally, if not more importantly, they need to be fabulously cute and chic! After all, your hairstyle speaks volumes about you, way before you even have a chance to open your mouth!

First things first . . . before jumping into the entirely cute new ways you can update your back to school hairstyle this year, it’s a good idea to define your style . . . is it Parisian chic (you love drama), or is your style more bohemian chic (relaxed, feminine hippie-ish), preppy (polished, pretty in pink, Reese Witherspoon-ish), retro chic (think  snow white Gwen Stefani like) or re you more the edgy-type (like Katy Perry) in shades of blue, pink or purple-ish tones?

Parisian Chic

You are the ‘IT’ girl with oh, so chic a hairstyle, that you turn heads! Your hairstyle defines you as a woman with class and style. Think of hairstyles that characterize the essence of Vidal Sassoon hairstyles. James Bond girls’ hairstyles, neat, smooth and with blunt, defined edges. Vidal Sassoon created the classic bob hairstyle and the inverted bob hairstyle, which still both stand on salons top chic hairstyles list.

Of course, every year or so bob hairstyles get a new updated twist, but this year these styles look more similar to the classic bob hairstyle of the 60’s than ever before. We also see cool, short haircuts that resemble Sassoon’s famous “5 point cut.” That came from his cutting in two points on the sides (think of pixie cuts with the sides coming to a point in front of the ears) and three points in the back (coming from the natural “W” we all generally have as a natural hairline in back.)

Short hairstyles for back to school will resemble these sharp blunt edged styles with blunt bangs and some with soft, wispy bangs like Emma Watson’s. Asymmetrical bangs flowing into inverted, layered bob’s are also huge this fall.

Boho Chic

Boho chic hairstyles are easy to create. The style is soft, messy sexy and most of all relaxed! This style tops the runways and red carpets this year.

Boho buns are a girls best friend this season and with just a wee bit of practice, you own this style! So cute and so quick and easy is this bun, that you absolutely must learn to do it if you have hair to your shoulders or beyond. These buns can be done high on top (ballerina bun) at the crown, or low in the middle or (my favorite) low and to the side. The key to these looks is to let them get messy. Headbands and barrettes are great statement pieces for short, medium or long boho hairstyles.

Here’s how to get the look:

Step 1:  Spray hair with a texturizing spray to help hold your updo

Step 2 : Backcomb hair at the crown for lift and smooth over with a brush

Step 3: Brush hair into a low side ponytail

Step 4: Twist and wrap the length of the pony around the base of the elastic letting pieces fall if they do

Step 5: Tuck a few hairpins around the base, pinning into the thick part of the pony till it feels secure

Step 6: Loosen pieces of hair around the face for soft framing

Preppy Chic

Nothing wrong with this classic look for a back to school hairstyle. Clean and simple is the best way of describing a preppy look. Reese Witherspoon’s straight, shiny, healthy looking hair with cute blunt bangs or side bangs epitomizes the look. Simple and sweet.

Of course everyone should go back to school with their hair looking it’s healthiest. Trim it up and make sure to do deep conditioning treatments to get your hair looking and feeling it’s best. Conditioning treatments will give your hair moisture, shine and body that was probably depleted during the hot summer months.

Remember a small hairstyle change for back to school, will update your looks and will make you feel great too!

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Barb Quinn
By: Barb Quinn

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