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Purple eyelashes, gray eyeshadow and more: High-fashion fall makeup you CAN wear!

Fashion models on the runway are notorious for wearing outlandish styles, and this is especially true when it comes to makeup. While the models are supposed to be showcasing the clothing, the hair and makeup styles they wear are also supposed to set the tone for the season. But can purple eyelashes, super-thick black liner and other bizarre makeup trends actually be worn in public?

Fashion Week in Paris may have happened months ago, but now that the season is finally here, it’s time to break down the eye makeup trends those runway models were wearing that WE can actually wear in real life!

Valentino. Ah, the designer known to make women look beautiful has sparked a fall trend that is as fashion-forward as it is flattering – gray eyeshadow. This may not seem that “trendy,” but the shade worn by the Valentino models in Paris had a mauve hue to it and was worn with brown eyeliner. I can see myself wearing this eye makeup with thick, sexy lashes and some of the berry-hued clothes of the season.

Dior. Who says bronze and gold eyeshadow has to be reserved for the sunny summer months? Not Dior. While these hues do look great on tan skin, they are also super-flattering (and fashionable) for fall. To make like Dior’s runway models, line your upper lashline with gold eyeliner, sweep soft brown shadow on your eyelid and apply peachy blush to your cheeks for a warm glow. This style looks great with berry lipstick or lip stain, too.

Lanvin. We all knew winged out eyeliner was making a comeback,  but we probably didn’t know just how much. Lanvin’s models rocked super-dramatic black eyelids with a serious cat eye. Although this raccoon-like look worked on the runway, you should adapt the trend for real life. Use a black liquid eyeliner to make an exaggerated cat eye on the outer corner of each eye and blend black and gray eyeshadow shades on your lid for a dark smokey eye that is just as dramatic.

Stella McCartney. The models strutting down Stella McCartney’s runways proved that the eyelids don’t get to have all the fun when it comes to color. The models wore bright blue and purple eyelashes as they modeled McCartney’s latest fashions. Because the colors of fall are typically muted, it’s fun to add a pop of color at your eyes. Plus, you don’t even have to buy colored mascara – just do as the makeup artists at the show did and sweep bright eyeshadow hues on top of black mascara. Keep the rest of your eye makeup (and outfit) neutral.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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