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Beauty In Your Cup: Skin-Enhancing Drinks

Eating habits and nutrition – good or bad, are directly reflected in the appearance of your hair, nails and skin. Steering clear of processed foods, opting instead for eating fresh and seasonal, and staying hydrated are essential habits for healthy skin. Cut down on sugary soft drinks and alcohol (a moderate amount of wine is still OK, however) and drink plenty of water. Keep a pitcher of water in the fridge with a few slices of cucumbers, citrus fruits or red berries to enhance the flavor of your water. Another yummy alternative is freezing fruit juice into ice cubes.

You can supplement your water intake with good-for-you concoctions that taste good and offer skin-enhancing benefits, too.

Fruit Juices
Acerola cherry not only meets 100% of your daily Vitamin C needs, but offers your skin protection against cell oxidation. You can get it from your local health food store in pulp and juice format or in a raw acerola cherry powder that you can swallow whole or blend into a smoothie. Dr. Oz has recently sung the praises of Himalayan sea buckthorn berry which can be applied topically or ingested to enrich and heal the skin with Omega-7 fatty acid and Vitamin C. Antioxidant-rich fruit juices can restore your skin cells. Some good and easy to find options include: Mango, orange and watermelon.

Unsweetened Tea
The Archives of Dermatology published a study that stated green tea offers some protection for the skin from UV rays. But don’t undo the benefits by piling on refined sugar. Cutting sugar out of your diet or severely reducing it can help you slow the clock on your skin’s aging process and economize on plenty of empty calories. Go for a flavored green tea and cut out the sweetener. California Tea House offers a selection of green teas flavored with organic fruits and natural flavors such as cherry, jasmine, lemon, mint and pistachio that are so delicious you can just add water.

Enhanced Water
BORBA Skin Balance Water is a zero calorie beverage that promises to improve the skin from the inside out. Each formula is infused with a different fruit juice that offers a particular skin benefit: Age-defying with acai, clarifying with pomegranate, firming with guanábana and replenishing with lychee. The product was the recipient of the 2010 Water Innovation Award and is a popular pick among actresses and models.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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