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Biggest hair faux pas

I’ll never forget the day I had to pull aside my best friend and say, “. . . we need to talk, your hair is WAY too blonde and your starting to look like a D-list celebrity . . .”  Ouch. I know that hurt. But you know what, I was right and someone needed to tell her. She had jumped on the highlights bandwagon a few years before and had never gotten off. And suddenly – well, maybe not so suddenly, but you know what I mean, she had a nasty mess of bleached hair and dark roots that was so unflattering, it had to be making her miserable.

A trip to the salon was in order, and a few hours later she was a much darker shade of not quite blonde, not quite brown, but lowlights weaved into her hair made her look 10 years younger.

Sometimes it’s easy to hop on whatever hair trend is happening. It’s easy to believe that because it’s popular that the style or hair color is going to make us look more chic and trendier. But most often it doesn’t, and what’s worse, is it can end up making us look older and washed out and like we’re trying too hard.

Trying to be the ‘It Girl”

One of the most common hair color mistakes we make is trying to match whatever today’s ‘It Girl’ is doing with her hair. When vampires were all the rage, we started seeing jet-black hair on more people than we wanted to! Unless you have very fair skin or very dark skin, you probably need a softer hair color than jet- black, especially if you don’t want to scare people.

Too much of a good thing!

The same thing goes with blonde hair color, too much of a good thing can go bad quickly, which can be really tough given all the factors that can effect bleached blonde hair. Too much sun, chlorine, hard water, highlights, bleach and heat damage, can quickly take you from beachy to brassy. If you fall into the brassy, orange hair category, find a hair colorist that you can trust. Listen to what they have to say and don’t take it personally if they tell you to try something different than what you had in mind. It’s their job to make you look wonderful, and when you look wonderful they look fantastic too!

The trendy haircut!

And it’s not just jumping on the next hair color trend that can go wrong. Another hair mistake to avoid is going with the trendy cut thinking it will make you look like the celebrity or model that’s wearing it. Just because a short pixie looks great on all those cute starlets doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. Short hair is hot on the right face shape. But if your features are too bold or not bold enough, a trendy short haircut may hurt instead of help. If you want to go short, a short haircut that suits your face shape and features will be best. Be sure to ask questions from your hairdresser and learn the tricks of styling a new haircut or else short hair can be . . . just short hair looking messy or even manly. Go for the hairstyle that enhances what you’ve got, not one that tries to make you look like somebody else.

Too much fake hair!

My biggest hair foible is when women “of a certain age” try to look younger with obvious hair extensions or hair pieces.  To me, it makes a woman look fake when her hair is too big and obviously overbearing. With extensions as popular as they are, it’s easy for some women to over-do it. While it’s great to add some hairstyle spice for a special event, adding fake hair for your every day look,  just looks wrong. It’s natural that hair gets a bit thinner as we age, and trying too hard to cover up your age can make you look silly, not sexy. You’ll look and feel much more confident if you let your natural beauty come out and embrace your age and your style.

Everyone makes hair mistakes but hopefully we all learn from them. And this includes bad haircuts and bad color choices. But with a little experience, a good hair dresser, a good friend – and a good hairstyle blog! – everyone can find fantastic hairstyles that makes them look as vibrant and beautiful as they can.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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