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Easy fixes for those common makeup mishaps

Many of you may have daydreamed about a makeup artist appearing in your bathroom every morning to doll you up with flawless cosmetics – I know I have. But this is not reality TV and often times when you are applying your favorite cosmetics during your daily routine, you might drift off and then … oops! Makeup catastrophe! But don’t fret, there are some easy solutions for many makeup mistakes, so put that makeup remover down for now – you don’t have to start over completely.

Um, I think you have something on your teeth

Luscious red lips are always in, and this sexy yet sophisticated style can give any woman that extra confidence boost she needs. However, when you give off that dazzling smile, the glimmer will quickly fade if you have some of that red-hot lipstick on your teeth.

How to fix it: When you apply the lipstick, take a tissue and blot those ruby red lips right away. Take your index finger and rub your front teeth to ensure nothing is stuck. Still feeling uneasy? Apply a thin layer of Vaseline across your front teeth and you will  be smiling without any hesitation.

Way too much blush

Trying to decide if you look more wind burned than dazzling? Forget to blow on your kabuki brush before applying that gorgeous pink blush? I’ve been there, and the result is less than desirable.

How to fix it: If you use a powder blush, you can can dust loose translucent powder across your cheeks – and don’t be shy, dust on quite a bit! This will diffuse the color. The same is true for liquid foundation if you’re wearing too much cream blush.

This can also happen with bronzer – if that’s the case, use a tissue to wipe it down without ruining all your hard work.

Eyeshadow… on my cheeks!

Even if you are consider yourself a smokey eye pro, your gray and black shadow can drift from your lids and end up on your cheeks. When applying powder eyeshadow, some can settle on your already-done foundation, making this an unpleasant situation.

How to fix it: While you are applying your favorite powder shadows, fold up a tissue so it can rest right under your eye. This way, any remnants will end up on the tissue, and not on your already perfected cheeks.

Chunky, clumpy, yucky mascara

Many of us have tried to replicate those Revlon commercials, but sometimes you find yourself with clumpy mascara that looks nothing like those flawless lashes you were going for.

How to fix it: First of all, if this is a problem you have been running into way too often, you may need a new mascara, as it is probably too old. Otherwise, take a baby wipe and place it between your forefinger and your thumb and gently pull lashes all the way through to get rid of extra mascara after you’ve applied it. Follow that up with a little Vaseline on your fingertips and run them across the tips of your lashes very carefully, which will separate and define them. Now you are ready to bat those gorgeous, lush lashes!

Ugh, but the pimple was ASKING for it

We have all been guilty of this, popping that pimple when it truly is NOT the right time. Have to jet out to pick up the kids or grab lunch with a friend? Don’t worry, there is a solution to your now-flared blemish.

How to fix it: Grab some ice and a paper towel and place it on the recently popped zit to reduce swelling and leave it there for five to 10 minutes. Afterwards, apply some antibiotic ointment and concealer to hide the redness – the pimple is forgotten!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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