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Enhancing eyebrows and eyelashes after cancer treatment

Your eyebrows are the frame to your face, and enhancing them while undergoing chemo treatment is just one little trick that can help you feel like yourself again. You can go a step further in framing your eyes by adding eyelashes. The most common brand out there is Ardell artificial lashes, which you can find in your drugstore and superstore makeup departments both in individual strands or full-lash strips. For an application that lasts beyond an evening, visit your esthetician for lash extensions.

Long-Lasting Pen
The Anastasia Brow Pen is a must-have in the makeup kit of Emmy-winning artist Melanie Mills. She recommends swiping it on in hair-like strokes to mimic your natural brow. You should apply it in two coats if necessary to reach your desired level of thickness. It will last between 12 and 16 hours, so it’s perfect for a work day or night out. The Universal Light shade is ideal for blondes and the Universal Deep tone is intended for people with darker hair colors. If you have a difficult time free-handing your eyebrow, get the Anastasia brow stencil set, which includes a selection of five different eyebrow shapes. Use Anastasia Soare’s Golden Ratio method to determine the best arch for your unique profile. Get Anastasia products in her salon’s online boutique, or at Sephora and ULTA stores.

Temporary Tattoo
Beauti-Full-Brows offers a long-lating solution in temporary tattoo-like eyebrows. They are applied by resting a moistened towel on them. Once affixed to the skin, your eyebrows last between one and three days. You can shower, work out and swim and they won’t budge. A little baby oil will help you remove them completely, whenever you want. Available hues include blonde, brunette, gray and red. Buy them online at the Beauti-Full-Brows website.

Natural Hair Eyebrows
For a three-dimensional option that replaces your missing brows, you can use adhesive to affix eyebrows to your face. The eyebrows are created using human hair that is knotted onto a fine mesh netting and then cut to contour and shape it. It’s available in blonde and brown shades but can be dyed to another shade if necessary. You can get these brows and a selection of false lashes at XXL Lashes.

Growth Enhancer
In her book “Skin Rules” NYC dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman says she recommends Latisse for her patients seeking to effectively stimulate the growth of their eyelashes and eyebrows. Apply it lightly and carefully to the base of the upper lashes. You need a prescription from your doctor to get this product from the pharmacy. Use this product with extreme caution. Don’t apply to the lower lashes, as excess runoff can cause reversible skin staining and permanent hair growth on the skin in places it doesn’t belong. It can also cause permanent staining to the colored area of your eyes.

Permanent Makeup
As the name would imply, permanent makeup is a lifetime commitment that would need surgical reversal to be undone. When it comes to tattooed eyebrows, the biggest challenge is how they’ll stand the test of time. Consider how they’ll look years from now as gravity comes into play and factor in that they may fade with years of sun exposure. Be sure to check the credentials, references and portfolio of your practitioner if you plan to go this route.

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