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Hairstyle Options for Chemo Patients

Most of us have emotional ties with our hair. The thought of losing something that represents so much of our personality can be extremely difficult, and coupled with a cancer diagnosis it can all seem overwhelming.

But, maybe there can be some solace in knowing that in the case of hair loss resulting from chemotherapy treatments, you are not alone and the hair loss will temporary. There is some comfort in knowing how many women come through this experience stronger than before and . . . with a full head of hair back.

The great news is hair will begin to grow as soon as the chemo treatments have stopped. It may come in at first with a slightly different texture for some, curly or straight, but over several months this usually transitions back to your original hair texture. Meanwhile here are some great hair styling options to consider with hair loss;


Prices Will Vary From Free to . . .

Prices of wigs vary widely, so it’s a good idea to determine ahead of time how much you can afford to spend. However, many insurance companies will now pay for the expense of a wig when the hair loss is the result of chemo. Check with your insurance company, most will require a written prescription from your doctor. If by chance your wig will not be covered by insurance, check with the American Cancer Society, they are known to be very helpful to women in need of a wig to cover hair loss from chemo.

Size and Weight Matters

It’s important to find a wig that fits properly, looks natural and is comfortable to wear. You may be wearing it 10 to 12 hours a day from shortly after the beginning of the chemo treatments, until your hair grows back. So, plan to visit some wig shops in your area as soon as you know you’ll be needing a wig, that way you’ll have plenty of lead time, should you decide to order a custom wig. With a custom wig it will be easier to match your color, style and length.

Types of Wigs

Wig options include, monofilament, (most expensive) human hair, and synthetic types. The most comfortable wigs are made with caps of mesh lace or other materials that are light, cool and flexible. But wig manufacturers have become so good; it’s often hard for the observer to tell the difference between human and synthetic wigs.


Halo Wigs, Hair Pieces, Bangs

To picture a halo wig, visualize a halo of hair around your face with a mesh cap. The hair piece fits over the crown of the head and Velcro is added for a secure fit. Halo pieces come in all different lengths, textures and colors. Hair peeks out from scarves, turbans, caps and hats.

Hair pieces or wefts in all lengths are available that attach with Velcro to the edge of any hat, cap, scarf or turban. These allow for a cooler feel and more comfortable alternative fit, to wearing a hat over a full size wig.

Or, for about $15 you can purchase bangs, straight bangs, wavy bangs or curly bangs on Velcro to attach to turbans, caps, hats or scarves. These are great pieces for optional looks.

Turbans and Scarves

Turbans and scarves are so cute now and they come in such a variety of materials and shapes, it will be hard for you to choose. But, with affordable prices ($15) you may as well load up and be chic in whatever outfit you choose to wear. Go online or to a reputable wig store and get the know-how on the many different ways of tying your scarves and . . . enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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