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Hairstyles for Growing Out Your Bangs

Curfews. Boy drama. Acne. There are a host of issues you’re supposed to outgrow once you leave your teens behind. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. And we don’t mean to bring you down, but there’s one other annoyance you might have forgotten about: growing out your bangs.

If you clipped your fringe when the trend was white-hot last fall (only to discover it just wasn’t your look), you’re now in the throws of growing them back out for the first time since puberty. And this time you don’t have a flock of butterfly clips at your disposal. But fear not! Here are three simple styles to get you through the awkward grow-out phase without making you feel, well, as awkward as you felt in middle school.

1. Lady-Like Twists. This elegant option is good for controlling wayward bangs or as the basis of an easy updo. Simply start at your shortest layer and twist the strands, adding a few extra pieces as you wind the twist around your head. Hold it in place with a few bobby pins, and you’re ready to go. (Hint: Insert the pins perpendicular to the twisted strand to conceal them.) To complete the updo, either pull the rest of your hair into a chic high ponytail or continue to twist back the hair around the crown of your head before pulling the rest of your length into a messy bun.

2. The Mermaid Multi-Braid. Braids are everywhere this summer, but you might think your short layers prevent you from embracing the trend. The trick to achieving this look (and adding extra volume) is incorporating a few braids and working your volume. Start by creating a deep side part, then French braiding your bangs to ear level. Hold the braid in place with a small clear rubber band. Do the same thing on the other side of your part. (You should now have two small braids and the back of your hair should be unbraided.) Using the small braids as two strands of your main braid, weave the rest of your hair together as a big braid to one side and tie it off. Carefully cut the clear rubber bands and pull out a few pieces of hair to keep the style from looking too stiff. Voila! Mermaids have nothing on you.

3. The Elegant Pomp. Pompadours are great for concealing growing bangs, but to keep the look from entering Snooki territory, you want the rest of your hair to be sleek. Start with clean, straight hair, and then tease your bangs slightly from behind. Smooth the top layer back, and pin bangs in place. (If you need more volume, gently insert the tail of a rattail comb under the pomp and lift gently.) Pull your ends into a low ponytail, add a quick shot of hairspray, and you’re out the door.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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