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Relying on the ringlets: The best cuts for your curls

It’s no secret that curly hair is harder to style and cut than straight locks. Yes, we curly-haired ladies enjoy great volume, but we battle frizz, dryness and cowlicks that our straight-haired counterparts never have to worry about.

The type of cut you get can make a huge difference in how easy your hair is to style. But as we all know, all curls are not created equal, so some cuts look better than others depending on the tightness of your curl. Here are some pointers for cuts for your curls.


Wavy hair may seem ideal, but anyone who has it can tell you that when it’s too short, it just looks puffy, and when it’s too long, the waves look flat. Keeping your hair anywhere between two inches above to two inches below your shoulders is usually the best way to bring out the best in your waves. It offers enough weight to prevent puff, but not so much that roots are weighed down.

Loose curls

If your ringlets are about a half-inch to an inch in diameter, you fall into the “loose curls” category. This texture looks best when it’s on the longer side. Because the curls keep their shape better than wavy hair, you don’t have to worry about flatness. Keeping your length a bit below your shoulders and with some layering is the best way to showcase your curls.


The most common type of curl is usually about half an inch in diameter all over, and tend to be prone to frizz and poofiness when they are not well-defined. Cuts for this type of hair really depend on what you want – having a short cut can be trendy, but may bother you if you feel like you can’t pull it back.

Generally, the best cut for this type of curls is a layered cut of any length, as long as you like it. The most important thing to consider is that “triangle” look that occurs when curls stick tight to your head but then puff out at the ends around your shoulders. Expertly placed layers can take care of this.

Tight spirals

If you have super-tight curls, a shoulder-length cut with lots of layers is one of your best bets. Going shorter than this tends to create a clown wig-like look, while going longer can weigh down your tresses and will not showcase that gorgeous, bouncy texture.

Keep in mind, no matter the cut, you usually need some type of product to rock frizz-free curls. Avoid styling products that contain alcohol, since these will damage your hair and increase frizz instead of smoothing it.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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