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Spotting and reversing sun damage on your skin

Sun damage has two phases – acute and chronic – according to Dr. James C. Marotta, NY-based facial plastic surgeon and owner of Marotta Facial Plastic Surgery. Acute sun damage is essentially another way to say “sunburn” in all its forms, ranging from slight redness to severe pain and blistering. Chronic sun damage, on the other hand, results from repeated sun exposure over a lifetime.

The signs of chronic sun damage are plentiful, and include brown spots, skin growths, blood vessels, rosacea, wrinkles and even skin cancer – which can be deadly, and must be surgically removed. The good news, says Marotta, is that there are also many ways to treat and reverse these signs of sun damage.

Brown Spots

Brown spots, also called age spots, are flat and can be found anywhere on the body, but particularly on the face, hands and neck. Although harmless themselves, they are an unsightly symptom of a bigger problem. Aside from sun exposure, these blemishes are caused by poor diet, lack of exercise, free radical intoxication, smoking and a poor liver function – which is where the nickname liver spots comes from. Brown spots are most effectively removed with laser or chemical peel, Marotta says.

If you aren’t yet ready to treat your brown spots with a doctor and want to achieve a more even complexion without makeup, try Miracle Skin Transformer, a 5-in-1 tinted skin enhancer that hydrates, primes, enhances, mattifies and protects your skin using just one product.

Skin Growths

Skin growths, also known as acrochordons or skin tags, are light brown or flesh-colored growths of excess skin that are commonly found on the eyelids, neck, underarm and groin area. Although most of the time benign and harmless, they may cause discomfort as an esthetic concern or by rubbing against clothes and the like. Marotta says skin growths are surgically removed or removed with laser in an outpatient procedure. Cryosurgery can be completed even without anesthesia.

Broken Blood Vessels and Rosacea

Rosacea affects approximately 16 million Americans, according to The National Rosacea Society. Typical symptoms include redness in the areas of the cheeks, chin, forehead and nose accompanied by visible blood vessels and pimples. Although it cannot be cured, it can be treated with topical medications like Metrogel or oral treatment with tetracycline or minocycline to control the rosacea and either an intense pulsed light or Nd:Yag laser to eliminate broken blood vessels, Marotta says.


Although using serums like Hydroxatone in your daily skincare regimen can make a visible difference in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, you can virtually erase the signs of aging in many cases with a visit to your doctor. Marotta says the most effective ways for removing wrinkles on the face include Botox injections, fillers, chemical peels and laser treatments.  Results vary and albeit long-lasting are usually temporary.

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