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3 reasons you should use lip stain AND Smashbox Limitless Lip Satin and Color Seal Balm GIFTSTRAVAGANZA Giveaway

I am sure that you all have heard of lip stain.  Maybe you are not really sure why you need to try one.  I wish that I could just tell you that they are amazing and you’d just run with it.  For some reason, people like to be convinced of things.  *shrugs* So here goes three reasons you should be a lip stain convert.  (None of them are “because I said so”.)

1. Lip stains are perfect if you are not a lipstick kinda lady. If you crave a bit of color but don’t like the waxy feel of lipstick or the stickiness of gloss, opt for a lip stain.  A stain can last for anywhere from eight to twelve hours without moving.  After all, it is a stain!

2. Lip stains are perfect for creating buildable and dimensional looks. You can create a base for a layered lip look with a lip stain.  Start out with an emollient balm before applying your stain.  After the stain is applied, take your favorite shade of lipstick and sweep gently across your lips.  Finish off with a sheer or shimmer gloss for a look that all your friends will envy.

3. Lip stains are perfectly versatile.  I’ve been known to use a lip stain on my cheeks or as quick color wash on my eyelids.  (But that’s our secret.)    If you want a slight tint on your cheeks without the heft of a power or cream blush, dab the stain on your cheeks two to three times.  Then simply blend the stain with a blush or kabuki brush.

Because I like you all so much AND I want you to experience that wonderment of a lip stain, I am going to give you a chance to own one for yourself.  My fave stain Smashbox Limitless Lip Satin and Color Seal Balm.  It’s a double whammy, a stain and a balm in one.   If any of you beauties want to win this amazing lip stain,  just “Like” us on Facebook and fill in the entry form.   Good luck!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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