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Ask the Doc: Why my face flushes during exercise

Ever wonder why your face gets so flushed after you work out? If it happens to you, you’ve probably noticed that the condition seems to occur with some people and not with others. First, you can rest assured that it doesn’t have anything to do with how physically fit you are. Nor is it an indication that you’re pushing too hard when you’re pumping iron. Even people who aren’t struggling through their workout can experience a flushed face. I asked a dual board certified facial plastic surgeon to give us the down low and for goodness sakes – tell us if there’s anything we can do about it!

Why It Happens
According to Dr. James Marotta, owner of Marotta Facial Plastic Surgery on Long Island, New York, people who get pink in the face following exercise usually have more superficial blood vessels in the skin of their cheeks and chin. So as more blood flows through these superficial vessels as you are working out, the result is a pink or ruddy complexion.

Quick Solutions
If your flushed face is bothersome to you, try to avoid things that cause your facial vessels to dilate like alcohol, heat or getting overheated. Ice or a cool compress in the affected area could alleviate the problem temporarily. “Intense pulsed light can diminish the size and number of these blood vessels leading to less redness,” Marotta says.

Associated Conditions
Rosacea is a common condition which causes more of these blood vessels to form in the face.  The cause of rosacea is primarily related to accumulated sun damage. Treatments for rosacea include intense pulsed light or laser treatments to diminish the overall number of blood vessels, remove unwanted spider veins, and diminish overly ruddy or reactive facial skin.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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